10 points to remember when creating a newsletter!

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For many companies, the newsletter is the main tool of communication with clients and is often the most-used opportunity to present the company's offer. However, do we know what points should be filled in when creating and sending a newsletter? Below is a list of 10 points, the so-called must have to fill in in designing mailing. Meet all of them!

Newsletter and 10 important elements when building and sending mailing

target group

All activities should be designed with the target group in mind. Always at the beginning of creating a newsletter, we should strictly define its recipients and think about what will really interest them. This is the first step and one of the most important steps in creating and then sending mailings.


Carefully prepared content is the basis of every mailing. Everything must be thought out, and the language used in the newsletter should be adapted to the audience. There should not be too much content, because its excess can overwhelm the user and distract him, for example, from the product that we want to present in the newsletter and encourage him to buy it.


The construction of the newsletter in this checklist of important elements in the mailing is in the top five. The appearance of the message is extremely important because, as we all know, we "buy with our eyes", therefore we should rather move towards minimalism. Too many elements in different colors and shapes can confuse the recipient and simply not bring the desired results. It would be best if the whole newsletter was closed in three, maximum four modules (sections).


It is worth using customer data to personalize the content sent to them. They will certainly appreciate the newsletter tailored to their needs, e.g. using information about the last purchase, you can recommend other products in the mailing, which will be a natural complement to the previous transaction. However, remember to use moderation in the case of personalization, so that the recipient does not feel persecuted by you - and probably none of us like that.

Alt and title attributes for images

If the recipient's browser does not immediately download the graphics contained in the newsletter, the alt attribute will be a caption for the missing photos. As for the title, it will be displayed when you hover over the image.

Link to unsubscribe

When building and sending a newsletter, do not forget that it is fully legal. And so, in every message sent to customers, we should include a link that allows you to unsubscribe from the list of newsletter subscribers. It is also well perceived by the audience themselves.

Sender field

It must inspire trust and encourage you to open the email. Messages sent from the address containing the password: noreply.pl are not very nice to receive, because - as the name suggests - "do not respond" rather does not encourage the subscriber to contact the company.

Catchy topic

This is as important as a well-structured message. It is the topic that determines your email open rate (Open Rate). It needs to be catchy, but it shouldn't be detached from the newsletter content. Here it is worth applying the principle that what we include in the title of the message is included in the newsletter at the beginning, so that the user does not feel cheated if he does not find any information related to the subject of the e-mail after entering.


Let's not forget about this place. This is the text visible at the top of the email, but it is also displayed from the list of messages in the mailbox. If the subject of the message is too short, then the preheader will appear immediately after it, so it is worth taking care of this element of the newsletter.

Inbox tests

It's always a good idea to check if the message you have prepared displays well in each email client. In addition, you should remember about mobile devices, i.e. how the newsletter looks on the phone, whether all its elements are so visible, e.g. whether the CTA buttons are large enough and are in the right places.

The sales power of the newsletter

A well-prepared newsletter can contribute to high conversions. Appropriate presentation of the offer and fine-tuning the content of the e-mail, as well as taking care of its technical and legal elements will together constitute an effective sales tool and can bring the company significant profits.