PLN 2,000 for contractors, i.e. re-payment of the parking lot!


At the moment, there is no financial support for people employed under civil law contracts, but this may change in the near future, as work on a new form of support is underway. Is PLN 2,000 for contractors enough help?

PLN 2,000 for contractors

People employed under a mandate contract, a specific task or an agency contract are waiting for a new form of support, this time dedicated especially to them. For now, however, there are no details on what help they can count on. According to the announcements of the head of the Ministry of Regional Development, the instruments that proved successful this spring, as well as new instruments will be launched. This may mean that PLN 2,000 for contractors will be paid again in the form of a standstill benefit. Work on the regulation is ongoing and, as the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development, Labor and Technology Jarosław Gowin promises: We are working intensively on the regulation that will allow to subsidize the remuneration of about PLN 2,000 for employees in industries affected by the new restrictions " According to the statements, PLN 2,000 for contractors will be paid only to employees in those industries that have been subject to new restrictions. PLN 2,000 for contractors will be intended for employees of industries affected by the new restrictions.

From when will help be available?

The restrictions in some industries have been in force for a long time, and people working on commission contracts often do not receive remuneration for this period. For this reason, all those who find themselves in such a situation wonder how long they will wait for the announced help. As Jarosław Gowin explained, regardless of the pace of legislative work "All these instruments will work retroactively from the date of introducing additional restrictions" Therefore, in the case of industries such as gastronomy or fitness, PLN 2,000 for contractors will be available from the end of October. However, although the disbursements will relate to the retrospective periods, no specific implementation date for the proposed project is known.

The announced support for people employed under civil law contracts will consist in the payment of PLN 2,000 to contractors. This solution is in the design phase, so we should wait for more details until the document is published on the Sejm's website.