CRM system for the company - how to choose the right one?

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More and more companies notice the benefits of using CRM systems. Many companies already use customer relationship management. There are many systems of this type that help to manage the customer base and implement marketing strategies. Choosing a specific CRM system is not easy and requires gathering a lot of information about individual companies that offer such a service.

You have to pay attention to many aspects and available options to choose the best CRM system that will work in our company. Not necessarily the best known products are the best solutions. Therefore, the aspects that need to be paid special attention to when choosing a CRM are presented below. Systems that deserve to be used in your business are presented.

Choosing a CRM - You Must Consider It!

In order to choose the most effective and appropriate CRM, there are several important issues to consider. The decision cannot be made under the influence of emotions. Not always the first CRM we will use turns out to be the one that will work in our company. First of all, you should pay attention to:

  • Qualitative data: CRM should be integrated with the ERP system that supports the management of the enterprise. The system helps to optimize the use of resources and the processes taking place in the organization. If CRM is integrated with ERP, we will have no problems transferring data between systems, and all departments of the company will work on one database. Think about what you want to achieve. Only then will the implementation of the CRM system make any sense. ERP provides valuable data that will enable effective management of customer relationships,
  • Required functionalities: data alone is not enough to manage it effectively. We must constantly analyze and control them. CRM should be integrated with analytical modules. First, manage the available data, but do not forget to analyze it, which will increase the chances of achieving your goals. In addition, check which functionalities are included in the selected CRM. If you see a missing tool that you need to manage your data, look for another system that has it to minimize costs and save time for changing the system in the future,

  • CRM update: we know very well that it is necessary to update the tools we use. Check if the given CRM has such an option. Find out if the tool is supported by the manufacturer. Adapting the system to market changes is something natural - you cannot afford to lag behind the competition. If we notice that the program is not developing and the manufacturer does not implement the necessary changes, it makes no sense to decide
  • Integration with other applications: As mentioned, it is important that CRM can be integrated with an ERP system, however integration with other software is also necessary. It is good to ensure that the system works with an online store or website. An excellent solution will be the ability to integrate with the Call Center system or a survey management program,
  • Expansion with your own add-ons: sometimes CRM systems allow you to expand with your own custom-designed applications. It is important that the system meets your expectations in 100% and provides you with the necessary tools to effectively manage your customer relationships. Have an idea but you can't implement it? Do not choose such a CRM,
  • Ease of use: an overly complicated system will certainly not help you in your work, and may only provide additional problems. You, as well as your employees, have a lot of responsibilities that consume valuable time. Make sure that your CRM does not cause you problems with learning how to use it. The system must be simple and intuitive.

CRM system - which one to choose?

Taking into account the above criteria, several effective and efficient CRM systems can be distinguished. Polish programmers can boast CRM at a high level. SugarCRM gives entrepreneurs a lot of opportunities in managing customer relationships. Individualized CRM user experience allows you to create long-term relationships with users and consumers.

LiveSpace is also noteworthy. This program allows for individual customization of the sales process. You have the ability to build as many sales functions as you need to effectively and efficiently manage your customer base. The system also allows you to define any evaluation criteria independently for each team member. Each employee has the opportunity to check how he is doing and what successes he achieves thanks to visible progress in achieving goals. Sales forecasting is also an extremely important function, which allows you to predict what revenues you can expect in the coming months. You can test LiveSpace for free. You have 14 days to find out if this CRM will meet your expectations without the risk of incurring any costs and obligations.

There are also other solutions on the market that include a CRM module as part of the entire software.An example of such a program is, which is used for online accounting, but its offer includes an extensive and comprehensive function of managing relations with contractors. It allows, among others to collect a lot of customer data in one place, manage tasks and employee permissions, as well as keep a company calendar. All of this definitely helps the entrepreneur to run his own business.

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CRM solutions for small and medium-sized businesses

MiniCRM, an easy-to-use online system, is recommended for small and medium-sized companies. It should be especially taken into account by those entrepreneurs who have not dealt with CRM before. To start using it, we only need internet access. Anyone can handle it, without the need to participate in additional training. We only need to register on the site to have access to a large database of applications. The price of this system is very low, so even a company that does not have a very large budget can afford it.

Midsize companies should also consider the Teta CRM option. It enables the management of customer relations, but also serves the managerial staff as a valuable source of knowledge on the effectiveness of commercial and marketing activities. The most noteworthy tools include: a tool for measuring the length of the sales cycle, the level of customer satisfaction or the most frequently reported problems.

Each company has a different strategy of selling and establishing relationships with its customers. Also, each CRM system has a different possibility and is equipped with different functionalities. First of all, you have to answer the question: why do I need CRM and look for a system that will meet our expectations and help achieve the intended goals.