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If you surprise consumers, you can be sure that they will enjoy filling their e-carts with products from your store. Give them a few reasons to make them think that your online store is simply unrivaled.

On the Internet, we have a choice of many e-stores from every industry, and among them are our favorites. We do not know their owners and the conditions in which their employees function, but still there is something about them that attracts us. We do not have direct contact with salesmen, we do not judge the store by the display window or the decor. Let's analyze what the customer of the online store pays attention to.

Relationship with the client - when she is gone?

It turns out that the average e-shop customer makes a one-time purchase in a specific store. Despite good service and quick delivery of the ordered product, the next purchases are usually made at the competition. Perhaps he wants to compare the level of customer service in different stores. - Statistical data show that only every 10th consumer returns to a given online store - says Michał Trziszka, CEO of This happens much more often in stationary sales.
By running a business on the Internet, you can significantly increase your sales by using unusual behaviors. It is worth offering some for free to regular customers. In addition, provide the client with concise, attractive content that he will enjoy reading. You should include a link to your e-shops in the e-mail footers.

Advertisements tire and bore consumers. Therefore, in return, provide them with news from a given industry to attract their interest in products related to a given topic. In this way, you will establish a bond with the customer and tie them to your commercial offer. A certain bond will develop between us, which will give you a big advantage over the competition.

The bond with the client underpinned by rewards's research shows that loyalty programs are great for gaining a loyal customer base. Collecting points redeemable for prizes or discounts has always been very popular. The idea is to provide the customer with an additional reason to come back to our store. Activities under loyalty programs depend on many factors, including company budget or customer profile. However, each loyalty program must be prepared individually for a specific store.

There are many tricks to making a bond with your client. Rethink your marketing strategy and start building a lasting bond with your buyers. Analyze your push and pull strategy, considering what promotional activities to implement. Remember that a good customer is the one who comes back to you.

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