Active holidays in Sardinia - enjoy the water and the mountains!

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A beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea is a great place for sunbathing, communing with nature, but also for enjoying water sports. Holidays in Sardinia can be filled with lots of activities. This island, called the Caribbean of Europe, is perfect for sailing fans, canoeing enthusiasts and extreme kitesurfers and windsurfers.

Cagliari, the capital of the wind

A 15-kilometer long coast, low waves and intense wind are a recipe for a successful holiday for anyone planning an active vacation in Sardinia with a board under your feet. The Poetto Beach, which stretches out over the southern bay of the island, is perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing. In the spring and summer period, large waves may appear, driven by warm winds sciroccowhich blows from Africa. This confirms the excellent southern location of Cagliari for both amateurs and professionals in board sports. A better place for those who keep the sail is the Windsurfing Club Cagliari (Marina Piccola), where we can rent equipment and meet the instructor.

If someone starts his adventure with water extreme sports, during his holidays in Sardinia, he will find the Polish Sky High kitesurfing school in Porto Botte, located in the south-west part of the island. The conditions are perfect, the water is shallow and the coast is very long.

Sail enthusiasts are especially recommended to visit Cagliari in May. Then the annual Ichnus Sailing Kermesse regatta takes place in the capital of Sardinia. Always start from Marina Piccola in Via Roma. During the competition, it is possible to join the crew of an approximately 10-person sailboat. You can take the helm, spread the sails or just sunbathe, all under the watchful eye of an experienced crew. We will pay about 15 euros for such a trip that lasts several hours.

A vacation in Sardinia is also a good idea for surfers. We cannot compare the waves with the ocean ones, but you can find good conditions. Renting a car is recommended for hunters of Sardinian waves. The island is variable and one day the best conditions are in western Oristano, and the next day on Chia beach. A one-day surfboard rental will cost around 40 euros. The largest selection can be found in Cagliari in the Wipe Out store (Via Pola 10). The store regularly publishes information on waves and winds on its website.

Holidays in Sardinia with no wind

For fans of board sports, a great solution for not windy days is also called paddle board, otherwise the sup. A large paddle board is an excellent training for muscles and a great way to go around Sella del Diavolo, Devil's Hill near Cagliari. Paddle board guarantees relaxation and tranquility, moreover, it is an ideal means of transport to small beaches, accessible only from sea level.

In Sardinia, you can rent small motor boats in almost every major port. All you need is an ID card and we come into the all-day possession of a small boat. It costs over 100 euros to rent, but there is enough space for up to six people.

Holidays in Sardinia not only by the water

The renovated promenade along Cagliari's Poetto Beach is ideal for jogging or roller skating tours. The asphalt road straight from California adds strength and motivation to spend time actively. Mediterranean palm trees and the sound of the sea ... What more do you need?

Those who prefer mountain challenges will also be satisfied to spend their holidays in Sardinia. The number one route is Monte Urpino Park - numerous alleys on the hill make jogging never monotonous. An interesting, although less steep, place for runners is the Monte Claro park. There we will find suitable routes and a health path. We can also test our strength on Sella del Diavolo, but it is not a place for amateurs.