Competitor analysis - don't be surprised

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Nothing boosts the company like growing competition - but first you have to get to know her. Just knowing that it is is no longer enough. You need to know that it can be stronger and better prepared, especially when we are just entering the market. From the very beginning, two important aspects should be borne in mind: the target group and the aforementioned competitors who are just waiting for our every stumble. Therefore, you need to be vigilant, properly prepared, have as much knowledge about the market as possible and learn to notice every, even the smallest change that could become our way to success. Competitor analysis is about getting to know the market better and, which happens very often, taking advantage of the weaknesses and imperfections of our competitors. However, it is not necessary only at the very beginning of the activity. It should be included in the daily schedule of our duties.

SEO audit and competition analysis

An SEO audit consists of many factors, including competition analysis. It is thanks to him that we are able to obtain a lot of valuable information, which we can then use to improve our campaign and improve the functioning of our company. Competitors are not only distinguished by strengths - everyone also has their own flaws, which they try to hide better or worse. The Internet is an arena of fighting for customers and everyone tries to use the best techniques and use modern technologies to be the number one. Surely everyone is aware that a high position in search engines gives a big advantage. We are then more noticeable and have a chance for increased conversion. The more people see our offer, the more customers will benefit from it. It is important to know what our competitors have to offer to users, but it is equally important to know the activities related to the positioning of their websites. It is possible thanks to a well and effectively conducted SEO audit.

What information does competitor analysis provide?

What information can we obtain when a competitor analysis is performed?

  • What is the optimization level of their pages and the number of links that lead to them.
  • What keywords do they use and do they actually bring the desired results.
  • Do competitors use unethical forms of activity that are often directly targeted at other companies in the industry, such as adding a competitor's website to a Prohibited Link Exchange System?

Competition analysis - data

All this data provided by competitive analysis is a valuable source of information that helps us plan and develop an appropriate, better and more effective marketing campaign. It is also worth knowing what to analyze, research and then use:

  • domain name and age - undoubtedly the most valuable are those domains that contain keywords and those that are the oldest;
  • the degree of optimization of competitors' websites - in this case, you should definitely take into account the keywords used, the structure of the entire website or the method of linking;
  • position in search engines - the higher the position of a given page, the more competition it is for us;
  • top rated website elements - most often the presence of free advertising materials, company blog or interesting graphics and multimedia;
  • social media - presence in social media gives the competitor a great advantage, especially since today it is one of the best communication channels with the client.

Competition analysis and available tools

Competitor analysis can be facilitated. Not without significance is the availability of an increasing number of tools that can simplify the process, as well as obtaining all important information, which will then be properly used by us.

  • MarketSamurai - this tool helps us not only in analyzing the competition, but also in selecting the most effective keywords that will allow us to optimize the website in the best possible way. TOP10 is a database of those sites that are our most dangerous rivals positioned for a specific phrase. Using this tool, we will find out, among others: what is the age of the domain, what is the number of linking domains or if the keyword appears in the titles, headers and URL address.
  • Searchmetrics - when it comes to access to the largest and best database related to the visibility of pages in search engines, Searchmetrics is unrivaled. We obtain all the information we need about our competitors to analyze them.
  • MajesticSEO - thanks to it we will check the links of our competitors. We get access to the list of links and linking domains, as well as their value evaluation. It is also important that MajesticSEO provides us with information about the anchors that are used in the links. With its help, we will also compare the parameters of several domains.
  • SEO SpyGlass - this tool is also used to analyze the links of a given page. In addition, we learn the age of a given domain and the number of external and internal links. SEO SpyGlass, however, is not a program directly aimed at those who want to conduct an analysis of the competition, but at those who want to choose the right keywords for website positioning. Therefore, it is recommended to all those who want to find out what phrases should be on their website.

Assess your chances

Competition is getting bigger and stronger. He certainly cannot afford to miss the moment when a new company emerges that could become a potential rival. Competition analysis for e-commerce SEO is undoubtedly one of the most important activities. This does not mean that our industry should not be watched in terms of the dominant offer, prices and revenues. It is worth checking whether the products that we want to introduce to the market are already on the market. It is often the case that the offers of most companies do not differ significantly. In such a situation, we should take a different direction, namely introduce a product to our store that is poorly available or not available at all. This will distinguish us and show that we are not just following the marked trail, but trying something new, unique.

If we already have the chosen product, it's time to determine its price. Naturally, this is our source of income, so we should earn money from the store. The prices may not be too low, but also too high, make customers look for another seller who will offer them a better offer. Sometimes, however, it is enough to introduce free shipping or interesting forms of sale, such as multi-items or company surprise gadgets that we will attach to each shipment.

Competition analysis is needed, necessary and obligatory. In striving to create a stable company and the best offer on the market, we need to get to know those who also take part in this race. We should improve, develop and introduce changes that allow us to achieve better and better results. E-commerce is a very strong sales market, which is why we should use all the tools and possibilities that will make us satisfied with both the number of satisfied customers and the profits achieved.