Advertising animations - is it worth using them in advertising?

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Advertising animations are not the newest trend in marketing, but they have been appreciated relatively recently. In the beginning, they were rather rejected by marketers, and the companies themselves also rarely chose them for their promotion. The first such commercials on television concerned non-bank loans. Today, advertising animation is as popular as classic advertising. They are used by large retail chains or social campaigns. However, many entrepreneurs are still wondering whether to bet on this form of advertising.

Advertising animations - a breath of fresh air

The first argument for this is the fact that advertising animations are a fairly new form of advertising, and as you know, new products always attract attention. That's why this is how viewers of all ages will respond to it. They are a nice change from the bothersome movie commercials, which are often incomprehensible to the average viewer.

Simple animated advertisement - what is its advantage?

In advertising animation, it's all about simplicity. A company or organization presents its product with simple images, which makes them undemanding in reception. In addition, the characters appearing in the advertisement add charm to the entire form and are especially loved by children, and these are often a great motivator for their parents to make purchasing decisions. The advantage of animation is also the fact that it presents a simple world, thanks to which even a few-year-olds can understand the message contained in it.

What are the costs of animation?

The two above-mentioned advantages are extremely important, but mainly from the point of view of the audience.For an entrepreneur, the most important are the costs that he will have to invest in this way of promotion and how effectively it will affect his customers. These two elements are usually very much dependent on quality. A film lasting several dozen seconds can be prepared by a student for less than PLN 100, but if we focus primarily on quality, it is better to commission graphic designers to make such animations. Here the costs can increase significantly, but the quality will also be higher.

Are advertising animations better than movie spots?

Movie spots are still a more frequently chosen form of advertising, therefore advertising animations are received more positively by customers. The costs of preparing the animation itself are much lower than the costs of the film. Producing a spot or collaborating with celebrities while producing TV commercials generates much higher costs. Instead, in the case of animation, you can create your own characters that will become the heroes of our brand over time.

All this points to the imminent success of advertising animation in the marketing industry. For them, for example, the positive attitude of the recipients and the costs of implementation. Today more and more of them appear on the Internet and television. Maybe this is a trend that will stay in the field of advertising for a longer time.