The most interesting smartphone applications that you may not know about

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Facebook, Gmail, a web browser or even YouTube - you've probably installed the most popular smartphone applications a long time ago. But did you know that you can do a lot more with your phone?

Interesting smartphone applications

The era of smartphones and applications is currently booming. There will be new programs overnight that will give you a lot of new possibilities that we have no idea about. Receiving mail, chatting with friends, or even watching movies are already standard. What else will the new technology surprise us with?

Calorie counter

They are very popular lately smartphone applications useful in planning our diet. The FatSecret program, which we can download for free from the Google Play store, allows us not only to count calories in our daily meals, but also to plan a diet or regular exercise in the gym. The application allows you to manually record the consumed meals, but also to scan barcodes of the most popular products, which allows you to automate the process of updating data in the application. The program calculates whether we have consumed enough food on a given day, as well as the relationship between its individual components. If we want to be fit, this application will definitely help us with that.

Portable scanner

Are you traveling and suddenly it turned out that you urgently need to send a scan of an important document? Or are you at home and your scanner refuses to obey? Don't worry - they existsmartphone applicationsthat will help you get out of trouble in no time. Take a picture with your phone and effortlessly convert your file to PDF with PDF Scaner FREE. Thanks to this, you will be able to freely send the document via e-mail. For the scan to be of good quality, you only need to ensure good light when taking the photo and maintain a satisfactory sharpness of the photo.

Always keep your data with you

Do you keep your data in the cloud? You can access them from anywhere on Earth - all you need is a smartphone. The Dropbox application and its like allow you to save and administer data using computers, smartphones and tablets anywhere with Internet access. Thanks to this solution, you do not need to store data that takes up a lot of space in your smartphone's memory.

Where is my tram?

Do you know the timetable of your city bus or tram by heart (or you use the application), but it often does not coincide with the actual time of arrival? You don't want to wait and get nervous when your vehicle is late? You can stay up to date. An application such as iMPK (the one specific for Wrocław lines) allows you to view live routes of MPK machines currently in public traffic thanks to the GPS transmitters they are equipped with. Thanks to this program you will always know when the bus you are waiting for will arrive.

Have fun in the clouds ...

Do you like staring at the stars but don't quite know their layout and names? They existsmartphone applicationsthat will help you with this. The Sky Map program will allow you to view the star map from your current position. All you need to do is launch the application and point the phone at the sky in front of you - your smartphone will show you what star and constellation you see and what they are called. A useful program for unfulfilled astronomers.

... but don't waste too much time

Your friends point out to you that instead of talking to them, you're still playing with your phone? Your parents say your smartphone stuck to your hand? You probably don't agree with that. However, if you want to make sure that you don't use your phone too often, your own phone (with the appropriate app) will help. The Quality Time program will allow you to check how much time and how often you use the phone and which applications are taking the most time.

Build muscle tissue with your phone

After downloading the KFD.PL Exercise Atlas application from the Google store, you will receive free access to descriptions of the most popular exercises that will certainly be useful to you in the gym. Information on them and special tutorials may be useful in the process of building muscle tissue and avoiding unpleasant injuries.

Smartphone applications - a great help in everyday life

Mobile phones are now an unlimited database that we can use whenever we need. Appropriate smartphone applications will help us take care of our health, well-being, safety and the state of knowledge. They can make our lives easier in many ways, so it's worth taking an interest in them and finding the ones that will be most helpful for us. Some will choose those supporting diet and training, while others will be interested in applications that will help them organize their time. However, it is worth remembering to use them wisely and not get addicted to the digital world.