Phone applications that will organize your time

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Poles are more busy than the Japanese. According to the OECD ranking from 2015, Poland is in the forefront of the countries where the most people work. Behind us was, among others Japan, which is widely recognized as the country of workaholics. We often do not have time to settle everyday matters, and then the only tool that can help us in this is our smartphone. Today's phone applications allow you not only to properly manage your time, but also to effectively control your expenses. Meet the phone applications that will save you time and money!

Phone applications

You need a budget - plan your budget and save

With this application you can fully control your expenses. The application is unique in that it has the ability to import data from a bank account. Based on the analysis of expenses, it suggests how to reduce costs and how to plan a budget. You don't waste time analyzing your expenses, so you save both time and money in the end.


Busy people do not have time to fully perform their daily duties, let alone follow current promotions, discounts or discount coupons available in stores.

We are informed about all of this by the Kizzu mobile application. It collects information on promotions from stores in over 130 Polish cities. The application has 10 categories, thanks to which we can precisely define the groups of products that interest us the most. Thanks to the geolocation service, we can check what are the best offers in the place where we are currently located.

Listonic - an application that will organize your purchases

The Listonic application is a guarantee that during major purchases we will not forget about any of the products from our virtual list. Why is Listonic so good and effective? The application is clear and easy to use. You create a shopping list, add products to it and receive notifications about new promotional offers. Finally, when we create a list and want to send it to another person, all we need to do is send a link, email or SMS. Simplicity, clarity and functionality are the main advantages of this application that facilitate every shopping.


Order, Evaluate and Pay - this is the mytaxi slogan, which describes the possibilities offered by the application in three words. Without intermediaries, i.e. connecting to the headquarters, you can order a taxi, which allows you to save a bit of time. When placing an order, the passenger receives the driver's contact details, the brand and the registration numbers of the car.

Then you can check the driver's route on an ongoing basis or wait for a notification when the taxi is in place. Payment for the course is also made via the application. We can choose the method of payment and consider leaving a tip. A convenient and simple way to travel.

upday - stay up to date and save more time

Despite being overworked, we try to be up to date with various types of information. News from the world, country, articles about news from each industry - we can have it all in one place. Users receive information consistent with their interests (only select the thematic categories that interest us). Thanks to upday, you do not waste time browsing many portals or newspapers and you save on the daily press.

These phone applications save you time and money. Thanks to them, we do not have to worry that we will miss important information or forget about everyday purchases. We can plan and manage your budget. We have everything under control and even the busy ones are a little calmer.