Assessment Center - why is it worth choosing this recruitment method?

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Nowadays - when in many industries we talk about the employee's market and not the employer - recruitment is often very demanding. Time and money are needed, so employers want it to be as efficient as possible. We do not want to allow a situation in which the selected employee does not prove to be so bad that we will have to repeat the entire process very quickly. Therefore, recruiters use a variety of recruiting methods that can facilitate the selection and make sure it is correct. One of them is the Assessment Center. What is it about? Why is it worth choosing? We answer in this article!

What is Assessment Center?

Before we answer the question why it is worth choosing the Assessment Center method, it is necessary to explain what it is all about.

Thanks to this method, we can see how the candidate works and confirm his soft skills. During an interview, we only rely on what the potential employee tells us. Of course, we can verify some information, but we do not know how he behaves in the performance of his duties.

Assessment Center consists in collecting candidates for work, assigning them a task that is adequate to what the person in the position they want to take up and appointing a group of observing candidates, composed of people called assessors.

During such recruitment, we can see how the employee copes with problems, working in stressful conditions, time pressure, group work, etc. We have the opportunity to see how he works or the skills he talked about are reflected in reality.

This makes it much easier to choose an employee suited to the team, with appropriate competences.

When is the Assessment Center?

As you can guess, the Assessment Center method is demanding - we have to involve assessors, develop tasks that will allow us to look at employees' skills, devote time to carrying them out, analyze the results, etc. It also happens that we have to hire an external company for this purpose. take care of it. Therefore, we must certainly be aware that it will not only be time consuming but also costly.

Therefore, this recruitment method is often used when searching for employees for managerial positions. In addition, it will be definitely useful when we are looking for specialists and several candidates have very similar competences.

Certainly, the Assessment Center is very effective and therefore it is worth considering when looking for employees. What are its good points?

Why is it worth choosing the Assessment Center method?

We already know that this recruitment method is very effective. What speaks for it? What are the advantages of the Assessment Center that support this method of searching for the right candidate for a job?

Tasks are performed in a group, and the whole situation is usually stressful for potential employees, so we can check whether the soft skills that employees often mention in their CVs really prove correct. This is, for example, about the ability to work in a group, under time pressure or under stress. During the interview, employees talk about themselves and confirm their competences themselves. Of course, we can verify some of them, but the Assessment Center method makes it much easier for us.

In addition, we can see how an employee performs his duties in practice. Are his professional experience and skills really reflected in the way he works? During recruitment, he will have to face the tasks that await him in his daily work, so we can evaluate their performance.

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide on the basis of the interview itself which employee is best suited for a given position. It may happen that the skills and experience are similar and the recruiter has a hard time to crack. Using a method where candidates can be compared in the performance of their tasks can be extremely helpful.

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Assessment Center helps to be more objective in assessing the competences of a potential employee. As we mentioned, several assessors observe the performance of tasks, each of them can pay attention to something else, confirm some assumptions, have a fuller picture.

This recruitment method can also be useful for job applicants, who can see if this way of performing their duties is appropriate for them and whether they feel comfortable in it. It also helps with selection because if a potential employee is not satisfied, he may quit himself, and this does not happen until after hiring, when he can take a closer look at the enterprise from the inside.

Carrying out effective recruitment is very important today. Employers want to create good, matched teams because they increasingly realize that a good team is the basis for the success of the entire company. Therefore, using a variety of recruitment methods can help us a lot. In many cases, the Assessment Center will work very well, so it is definitely worth getting to know its advantages and considering the implementation of this method when looking for employees.