Marketing communication audit - an unjustly overlooked element in marketing

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Marketers have many responsibilities and activities associated with them. They run many advertising campaigns and coordinate a number of promotional activities. They are fully committed to many activities, but what about analyzing the effectiveness of all these marketing efforts? Where is the marketing communication audit in all of this? In the article, we suggest what a communication audit should look like and what are its benefits and threats.

Communication audit - what is it and why is it worth doing?

A solidly conducted marketing communication audit will allow you to measure what is considered difficult to measure. Thanks to it, you will assess the effectiveness of promotional and image-building activities, and then he will show you advisory solutions. The classification of projects according to Dwight D. Eisenhower's theory may be helpful in illustrating the need to include audit in the tasks of each company.

He built a time management matrix, which is divided into four parts, each of them having an appropriate criterion:

  • And the quarter - important and urgent

  • Second quarter - important and not urgent

  • Third quarter - invalid and urgent

  • Fourth quarter - unimportant and not urgent



Crisis events
Urgent matters
Events with a specific execution date



Daily activity, prevention
Looking for new opportunities
Building a relationship



Correspondence, reports
Some meetings
Some phones



Everyday life, work
Various phones
Time eaters

If we were to locate specific marketing tasks, including a marketing communication audit, most of the more important tasks would be in quarter II, i.e. important but not urgent tasks. And since it is not urgent, it can be postponed. Why is this happening? Because the effects of the tasks in this section do not appear immediately. Most marketers prefer to come up with new advertising campaigns rather than analyze the current ones and check what the customers really expect and whether all these promotional activities are consistent with the company's marketing strategy and whether the strategy itself is consistent and up-to-date.

Audit benefits

A well-conducted marketing communication audit will allow you to distinguish your brand from all the others and create one, consistent way of communicating with the recipients. In addition, your company will partially receive a SWOT analysis, and more precisely the strengths and weaknesses of the company, also in relation to the competition.

How to conduct a marketing communication audit in three steps?

  1. It is worth defining the goals of the planned audit first. They can be different - from modifying and preparing a brand strategy, through finding characteristic elements distinguishing a given brand from others, to verifying the consistency of messages addressed to recipients. It is worth carrying out an audit on a regular basis, but it also depends on the industry in which the company operates. If it is a market segment in which everything will change quickly, e.g. the way customers consume a given good, then it is worth carrying out such an audit once a year.

  1. After defining the goals, the process of analyzing the company's materials, i.e. all messages addressed to the brand's customers, follows. This content should be analyzed both from the point of view of the client and the employee himself. Such an analysis may not be very pleasant, but only an objective look will allow us to obtain conclusions that are consistent with reality.

  2. Having already collected materials and their thorough analysis, we can go to the last step, which is to construct conclusions and implement changes.

A marketing communications audit is more than just an analysis. It should not be omitted in marketing projects. Despite the fact that it is in the quarter of important but not urgent tasks, it is of great importance in creating a coherent company strategy.