Becikowe - criteria and required documents


Becikowe is a one-time cash benefit amounting to PLN 1,000 for the birth of a child. The allowance is paid by municipal and communal social welfare centers. Who is entitled to this benefit and what formalities must be made to receive it? We answer these and other questions in the article.

Who can get a baby shower?

A disposable baby blanket in the amount of PLN 1,000 for the birth of a live child is entitled to:

  • the child's mother or father;
  • the legal guardian of the child;
  • the actual guardian of the child;

in addition:

  • is a citizen of Poland and lives in Poland;
  • is a foreigner, but lives in Poland and meets at least one of the additional conditions.

In addition, a person applying for a baby allowance must meet two most important conditions:

  1. The net income per family member may not exceed PLN 1,922 net;
  2. The mother of the child was under medical care no later than from the 10th week of pregnancy until the birth, that is:
    • she visited primary health care facilities,
    • she underwent outpatient specialist services.

Becikowe, like all family benefits, is free of income tax.

How to calculate income per family member?

The amount of net income of PLN 1,922 per one family member should be calculated as follows:

Gross income minus:

  • tax deductible costs;
  • social security contributions;
  • health insurance premiums (actually paid, not the value deductible from PIT);
  • tax due.

The value obtained should be divided by 12 months and by the number of family members, including the new family member.

What documents should be submitted in order to receive a baby grant?

An application for a newborn baby blanket should be submitted within 12 months of the child's birth. If the application concerns a child under legal guardianship, actual guardianship or an adopted child, the application shall be submitted within 12 months from the date of taking the child into care or adoption, but not later than until the child turns 18 years of age. The application is submitted in person at the municipal or communal social welfare center. Start a free 30-day trial period with no strings attached!

In order to receive a baby blanket, you must submit:

  • a completed application for a baby blanket;
  • a medical certificate issued by a doctor or midwife confirming that the woman is under medical care not later than from the 10th week of pregnancy until delivery - applies only to the biological parents of the child;
  • birth certificates of children in the family;
  • a photocopy of the applicant's ID card;
  • a document confirming the date of adoption of a child, the date of taking the child into legal or actual custody - applies only to the adopted child or under legal custody;
  • a certificate from the tax office on the income of each adult family member or their own statement in this matter;
  • a declaration of the amount of actually paid health insurance contributions;
  • a statement that the baby shower has not been collected for the child.

Depending on the individual circumstances of the family, additional documents may be required. The childcare allowance is paid by the social welfare center. Applications should be submitted to an institution specified by the commune office (eg City Hall or the Commune Social Welfare Center). Many municipalities and cities offer an additional one-off payment for the birth of a child. More information on this subject should be obtained from the commune or city office.

When will the baby shower allowance be paid?

Becikowe will be paid by the last day of the month, if the application is submitted to the office by the 10th day of the month. If it is submitted after the 10th of the month, the benefit will be paid by the end of the following month.

However, if the benefit is not paid and the decision is negative, the person applying for the benefit may appeal to the Local Government Appeals Court within 14 days from the date of receipt of the negative decision. The appeal should be submitted in person or sent by post to the institution where the application for the baby shower allowance was submitted.