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The security of online purchases is an important issue that we should pay attention to before making a transaction. In one of the previous guides, we indicated the most important elements thanks to which the purchase and sale of goods online can be carried out without worrying about our personal data. Under no circumstances may you provide information about our account directly on the store's website. These data should be combined with integrators, enabling easy transfer to the selected electronic bank, and then transfer via the SSL security protocol - this is distinguished by the address https: // instead of the classic http: //. In addition to being able to go to a bank to complete a transaction, PayPal is also an extremely popular payment system. Below we will describe its characteristics and answer any doubts related to this form of shopping.

The genesis of the PayPal service

The PayPal service was created in 1998. At the beginning, however, she was not associated with the electronic payment industry. Already in the first months of its appearance on the market, it enjoyed great interest, because it allowed you to send money using mobile phones and even devices such as PalmPilot or pager. However, it quickly became clear that as the global network grows, it will have to change its development strategy. PayPal allows individual customers and companies with e-mail addresses to send or receive payments over the Internet. It acts as a virtual wallet, and the way of using it is not a problem even for novice users. Customers have the option of making transactions in several ways: by paying with a credit card, debit card or PayPal account balance - these can be topped up by transfer via a bank account or other PayPal account.

The solution offered by PayPal has not only gained masses of Internet payments enthusiasts. In addition, a great contribution to the popularity is very high protection standards and intuitive operation. And while competition appeared on the market, it didn't take longer for it to sidestep soon. In 2012, there was a high-profile acquisition of PayPal by Ebay for $ 1.5 billion. At that time, further amenities for customers were introduced, and services such as c2it created by CityBank (closed in 2003) or PayDirect from Yahoo (withdrawn in 2004).

Safe shopping with PayPal

Currently, PayPal allows payments via a computer connected to the Internet, as well as using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). In the case of transactions taking place in Poland, buyers are exempt from additional fees. However, please note that they apply to international transactions. To check what the currency conversion fee is, it is best to go to this address, where all doubts have been explained in detail.

What about Buyer Protection? PayPal has been working on improving its system for over 10 years, guaranteeing full control over the money deposited.

The PayPal payment platform provides protection of the customer's financial data (account number and card number), as well as stable and secure servers that collect confidential information in an encrypted form. The transaction process takes place without the need to provide data to third parties (both receiving and sending the payment). Professional technical service and a team of security specialists who monitor all transactions 24 hours a day (also during holiday periods) also have a significant impact on regular protection.

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Safe selling with PayPal

The buyer protection program also works the other way around. Sellers have a full refund guarantee. If you are sure that the buyer has transferred the money, simply send the "Delivered" proof of postage and the date of postage to PayPal technical support, as well as the recipient's address showing the city and country name and postal code or its international equivalent.

If the seller turns out to be a loss for any reason beyond that, PayPal guarantees a full refund. It is worth remembering that protection applies primarily to physical items that can be sent to the recipient in the traditional way - by post. At any time, after logging in to PayPal, you can check the list of goods covered by the warranty. In addition, when trading via the ebay auction site, all goods are automatically counted as protected.

More than 20% of online stores in the world use PayPal precisely because of the extensive protection program for both buyers and sellers. Therefore, if we see the company's logo among the payment methods, we can be sure of the security of online purchases - our data will not be passed on to third parties, and the transaction process will be carried out immediately.

Securely transfer money with PayPal

Another interesting service is the ability to safely transfer money to family or friends via PayPal. It is enough for both parties to have an account registered with the service. All you need to do is know the recipient's e-mail address and choose a currency - and you're done. If the recipient does not have an account, a notification will be sent to him with instructions - he can do it in a few simple steps and then enjoy the cash received.

In the case of standard transfers, the money is charged from the sender by using the funds from the PayPal balance or the bank account indicated during registration. All transfers made in Poland are free. International transactions are - depending on the country to which we want to transfer money - a fee of 0.9% - 2% (PayPal balance or bank account) or 3.8% - 4.9% (credit card or debit card). Detailed information on fees can be found at this address.

Is it worth using PayPal?

The reputation for over 10 years, the emphasis on personal data protection, a team of security experts and professional technical service combined with a program of protection of buyers and sellers - these are the main advantages of using the PayPal system. Currently, every self-respecting online store - in addition to choosing an online banking branch - offers customers the option of buying and selling via PayPal. Low fees (in the case of sellers), free money transfer to Poland and ease of use - all you need is quick registration and knowing the recipient's e-mail address and you can forget about hacking attempts by unauthorized persons. PayPal can be recommended to every fan of virtual purchases, but also to people who value fast internet transfers to their loved ones.