Big data - is it a revolution in e-commerce?

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Chaos in documentation can make the functioning of any company difficult, especially when its content is relevant information about customers. Data storage alone will not allow you to achieve the intended success, you also need to focus on their proper use and processing. Until recently, it was a great challenge for entrepreneurs, today it does not cause such great problems. Anyone who deals with online sales is well aware of the importance of all customer-related messages. They are the key to success and entering the market. Find out how Big data can help you with this!

Big data - how does it work?

Big data has been playing a very important role in e-commerce for some time. He has his supporters, but you can also find opponents who do not see such a great potential in him. What does this term actually mean and why does it play such an important role in internet marketing?

At the beginning, it is worth explaining what Big data is. There are many definitions on the web that are often incomprehensible to the average Internet user. However, this concept can be explained in a few simple words. Big data means a system in which a large amount of data has been collected and organized from various sources in order to obtain new knowledge that is to help learn about certain trends. In the case of e-commerce, it is about collecting information about customers who visit a specific online store. Big data can be defined as a system of information sets with high variability and diversity, the kind which, after processing, provide the knowledge necessary to increase sales. It is extremely important because thanks to such activities we are able to create an offer that will reach a larger group of Internet users and personalize it for a given client. Due to its effectiveness, every entrepreneur should consider the use of this form of analysis in his company.

Big data as a source of valuable information

Online stores are currently very popular, which forces entrepreneurs to improve their offer and continuous development. Competition in the market is increasing and this does not allow companies to slow down. Until a few years ago, e-stores did not have as many opportunities as today. Even now, however, many companies cannot fully use the potential that lies in the possibilities and tools created for the needs of e-commerce. Many still do not realize how much information they can obtain and use in such a way that the sale of the offered product or service increases.

We can look for information in:

  • social media - there is no need to convince anyone that social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube are the source of a lot of information. So why not use them to enrich your knowledge of potential customers? Searching for people who could be interested in our offer does not have to be difficult and involve arduous work. We can find out who liked what when.

  • CRM - is a system that gives us the ability to manage contacts with customers. Thanks to it, we will receive information about, among other things, who our client is, how many times he tried to contact us, when and what he bought, and even when he has his birthday. This last information, contrary to appearances, is of little importance, can illustrate the average age of our target group.

  • mailing - more and more companies take advantage of this possibility and contact their customers via e-mail. Let's use it not only to reach the client, but also to get to know him better. We can find out which messages were opened by our recipients, what they clicked on and what program they used.

  • Analytics - these are systems that allow us to receive information about our clients. The data obtained with their help takes the form of statistics.

  • AdWords - you cannot just create and distribute advertisements. What matters is their effectiveness and how they affect the audience. Thanks to this, we are able to very accurately determine the transmission time so that the advertisement effectively reaches the target group.

There are many possibilities, but we are not able to control customers at all levels. That is why you need to set a goal at the beginning and look for a good source thanks to which we are able to achieve it. If we want to spread the brand, it is worth focusing on the analysis provided by the AdWords program; However, if we want to increase sales, let's focus on Analytics. A good tool in the hands of a master is essential.

Personalized offer - how to use Big data?

Internet sales can be a specific form of marketing.The customer has no direct contact with the seller and cannot touch the product he wants to buy. The entire sale procedure takes place via the Internet. This, however, offers many possibilities for manipulation. It does not sound professional, but manipulation does not have to be associated with a negative action. You can look at it from a different angle - meeting customer needs. Big data allows you to create a personalized offer for each client. There is nothing wrong with that, because neither side is cheating. Thanks to data analysis, we are able to understand the needs of the buyer. We will easily find out how often he visits our store, what products he was looking for, what interests him and what does not attract his attention. Having such information, we can give him or suggest what he is looking for. By displaying the offer of goods that he was previously interested in on the home page, in the form of the product of the day or items on sale, we will show the customer that he will find what he needs in our store. We send a direct message to him and thus gain even more interest.

Big data on Facebook

It would be a mistake not to use this source of valuable information to create advertising and grow your customer base. The company that has its fanpage belongs to the group of lucky people who can get to know the target group to which they address their offer. By observing the likes of our guests, we can find out how much interest in our brand is and meet such internet users. As a result, we gain even more customers, and our sales have a good chance of growing quickly in a short time.

Big data and perfect advertising

Creating an advertising campaign is not the easiest thing to do. You could even say that this is the most difficult stage in building a brand image. The success of the company often depends on effective advertising. There are many companies whose offer does not really stand out with anything special, but it beats the others in the popularity rankings. Why is this happening? This is due to advertising. The right tools, slogans, image, music and ways of communicating information are an extremely important aspect of creating a company's campaign. However, we owe our success to our clients. Based on the knowledge about their interests and preferences, we can create an advertisement that will attract their attention and convince them to buy. Thanks to Big Data, we can come to the conclusion that advertising via mailing is not necessarily a good idea, because the one displayed on Twitter or Facebook has gained more popularity. Adjusting the appropriate image that appears in the advertising image or spot also does not have to be on our minds. Internet users can do it for us. By showing them a few photos, we will check which of them attracted more attention and thus we will be able to use it to present the product or the entire offer. A good analysis of statistics and data is able to create a more effective advertisement than the best advertising agency.

Big data - big success

By using the right tools for data analysis and statistics, we are able to gain some control over customers. It's not about trapping them and following every step you take - first of all, you should focus on getting to know them better. It can be compared to the situation in a stationary store - it is much more pleasant to shop when the seller knows what to propose and what goods to pay attention to. However, he could not do it without the knowledge of the client's needs and preferences, gained during his previous visits. In e-commerce, it is exactly the same, with the only difference that the seller is not able to interview people who visit our site. It can be concluded that the situation is more difficult than in the case of brick-and-mortar stores. However, as you can see, the internet industry coped with this problem perfectly. Big data makes it very easy to create an offer, advertisement and get to know your target group. Why should entrepreneurs give up such an opportunity? Analysis of the information that observations and any analytical programs can provide us can be used to:

  • get to know your customers and build their trust

  • adjust the offer individually to the needs of each client, i.e. personalize it

  • increase the popularity of your brand and reach a wider group of Internet users

  • reduce advertising costs

  • get to know the competition and its strengths and weaknesses

The analysis of available information, its processing and organization can have a very large impact on the future of our company. Thanks to this, we are able to predict what will happen in the near future and possibly prevent unnecessary problems. Each company has its ups and downs, the trick is to be able to prevent more difficult moments and fight them effectively. Big data allows the entrepreneur to feel safer because it makes him aware that he is able to control the development of his business. The seller should not only be able to sell the product, but also think strategically.

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