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When deciding to start his own business, a future entrepreneur has an idea for a business and its implementation in his head. And here, at the very beginning, all the enthusiasm is somewhat covered with various problems that result from difficult choices such as: What form of taxation to choose? Should I register for VAT? Where to get the invoicing program? Where to run warehouse management? An online accounting office comes with a helping hand.

What is an online accounting office?

An online accounting office is not only high-quality accounting services consisting in advising the appropriate form of taxation and the correct preparation of tax returns. It is also process automation that allows you to save a lot of time, which also translates into money. Full cooperation with such an office is optimized for telephone or e-mail contact and online delivery of documents. The convenience of the entrepreneur counts here.

How does an online accounting office work?

First of all, an online accounting office specializes in remote customer service. The very signing of the contract takes place without the need to come to the office. He has mastered contact with the client and the receipt of accounting documents. It still happens that customers send paper documents by courier or by post, but more and more often they are sent electronically. Today entrepreneurs receive many documents in the form of e-invoices. In this case, printing them is simply wasteful, and the documents can be handed over to the accountant, e.g. by attaching them to a Dropbox / Google Drive integrated with the accounting system.

How does the posting look like:

  • the accountant selects all cost invoices once a month and sends them for processing by OCR,
  • checks the correctness of the selection of accounting schemes loaded by OCR data.

The above operation can be even easier if the client uploads invoices directly in his panel. Then OCR processes them on an ongoing basis and the accountant can verify them at any time. Of course, the most optimal way is to check all documents at once after the end of the month.

Thus, the entrepreneur obtains the entire archive of his activities in electronic form. At any time, he can access the scanned invoice for the purchase of equipment or car repairs. He does not have to call an accountant and wait for the currently important information to be checked.

Cooperation with an online accounting office focuses on the convenience of the entrepreneur. He can take photos of cost invoices with a smartphone at any time and place them on the disk shared with the accountant.

Tax and Social Security amounts available online

The online accounting office can provide information on the amounts of ZUS contributions and taxes by e-mail or SMS, and this is a standard activity. But the customer also has the option to independently view the result of calculations in the accounting system, and even order the payment of liabilities to the bank directly from it, using the quick payment option.

The company's financial data is always at hand

The customer of an online accounting office, if necessary, does not have to wait for the provision of analyzes, such as a statement of revenues and costs, needed, for example, to receive a leasing offer. At any time, he can log into his account in the accounting system and download the financial data he needs.

What does an entrepreneur receive in cooperation with an online accounting office?

An online accounting office offers not only accounting services, but also access to advanced business tools. As part of cooperation with such an office, entrepreneurs can gain, among others:

Online invoicing program

The invoicing system has:

  • all types of invoices that occur in domestic trade, including structured invoices

  • integration with PEF (electronic invoicing platform)

  • integration with fiscal printers

  • downloading contractor data from the Central Statistical Office

  • checking an active VAT payer

  • checking registration for VAT-EU in the VIES database

  • integration with a business intelligence and debt exchange

  • personalized appearance of invoices

  • sending invoices by e-mail

  • programming of automatic invoices

CRM module

The system with CRM includes such functions as:

  • contact management

  • history of purchase and sales invoices related to a given contractor

  • creating tasks

  • company workflow management

  • extensive schedule

  • recurring activities, including recurring invoicing

  • generating the postal mailing book

  • generating requests for payment

Warehousing software

The warehouse management system includes:

  • warehouse for active and exempt VAT payers
  • warehouse documents PW, RW, PZ, WZ and MM
  • bilateral integration with Allegro
  • sale under VAT OSS
  • creating multiple warehouses
  • units of measurement in accordance with EU Open Peppol standards
  • distribution of products using the FIFO method (keeping track of the chronology of releases) and FEFO (the first one expires, the first one is out)
  • option to define inventory thresholds
  • assembly and disassembly of products
  • reservations
  • orders to suppliers
  • price groups
  • integration with barcode readers

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Other important tools

Important tools that improve running your own business include:

  • monitoring the status of receivables and liabilities - the system has the function of checking the status of settlements, with the possibility of sending reminders about unpaid invoices. Thanks to this, the entrepreneur has the finances of his company under control;

  • debt collection module - in the event of serious delays in the payment of sales invoices, the entrepreneur can use a number of soft debt recovery tools, such as sending a request for payment, a request for payment with interest, a final request for payment or an interest note;

  • quick payments - by entering expenses into the system on an ongoing basis, the entrepreneur can make payments on this basis using the payment option through Blue Media. You can attach a link to quick payments to the sales invoices sent to contractors, thanks to which it will make it easier for the buyer to pay and accelerate the receipt of funds on the account;

  • integration with online store platforms - thanks to the integration, you can automate the process of issuing sales documents after recording the order from the store customer or through Allegro;

  • cash module - enables the issuing of KP and KW documents and applications for an advance payment, as well as the creation of daily and monthly cash reports;

  • bank module - allows you to import bank statements for quick settlement of income and expenses
  • mileage - if the entrepreneur uses a private car for business purposes or is required to keep VAT mileage (if he wants to use the deduction of 100% VAT), he can keep records of the routes traveled in the system. The facilitation is the ability to define routes (description along with the number of kilometers), which are saved in the database. Therefore, when defeating fixed routes, you do not need to fill in detailed data each time, and you just need to select a ready route or duplicate the entire entry with one click;

  • analyzes - the entrepreneur has at his disposal a whole range of analyzes, including those concerning the level of sales and purchases in a selected period, financial liquidity or the stock of goods in stock.

Online accounting office in the cloud

An online accounting office uses software in the cloud in the Software as a Service model (SaaS for short).It involves the purchase by the office of a temporary subscription to a system that allows for data processing in the cloud.

The advantage of such a solution over desktop software is, above all, access from any device with access to the network, via a web browser. The entrepreneur can therefore log in to the website at any time and perform the necessary actions or obtain the necessary information.

GDPR in an online accounting office

The accounting system on which the cooperation between the entrepreneur and the online accounting office is based, complies with the requirements of the provisions on the protection of personal data. The system has such functions as:

  • data transmission via encrypted transmission,

  • logging into the system is secured with a personalized password, which is recommended to be changed every 30 days, with the option of enabling two-step logging,

  • creating backups that are stored on a server located in a separate location from the main server in the European Economic Area,

  • records control - information about what data and by whom was entered into the system is automatically saved.

In addition, there should be a formal entrustment of the processing of personal data on the basis of a written contract between the online accounting office and the entrepreneur.

The accounting software used by the online accounting office allows website users to prepare and print a GDPR report for each person whose data is processed. It contains information on, inter alia, the date of the first data entry into the system and their content, the identifier of the user entering the data or the objection received.

How much does an online accounting office cost?

The client of such an office pays only for the accounting service, and here the valuation is usually done individually on the basis of information about the number of documents or the level of complexity and events occurring in the company.

On the other hand, he gets business tools for free, including invoicing, warehouse management, monitoring the company's finances, a contact management module - CRM or a debt collection module.

Additional fees may result from the willingness to use special options, such as IAI Printer, which is an external program for handling the issuance of fiscal receipts in the system with a printout on a fiscal printer.

The advantage of an online accounting office over a traditional office

The online accounting office operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can send documents at any time, with a small number of documents, they can even be photos taken by phone and sent to the accounting system of the accounting office. You can send a question to your accountant at any time. And most importantly - at any time and from anywhere, you can log in to the accounting system, check tax and social security calculations, obtain information about the company's financial results, issue a duplicate invoice or view cost invoices from previous months. These are options that cannot be offered by a traditional accounting office. The online accounting office is also resistant to any random events such as:

  • hard lockdown - you can work anywhere, you do not need to be in the office for this,
  • theft of office computer equipment or unexpected elements like a flood - no data is stored directly on the computer's disk, only in the cloud.

The future belongs to online accounting offices

Already in 2013, the report of the Starter Foundation showed that when acquiring new clients, accounting offices should take into account the added value they can offer them when using their accounting services. It was determined that the entrepreneur's access via a web browser, among others to current financial reports for a modern accounting office it is already a necessary standard, and for the client it is one of the factors determining the choice of an accounting office.

The PARP report on the condition of the small and medium-sized enterprise sector in Poland from 2017 shows that in 2011–2015 an increase in the use of the Internet by enterprises was observed (the number of companies using mobile connections is growing particularly rapidly). In 2016, over 93% of enterprises connected to the Internet from computers, and nearly 65% ​​used the Internet on mobile devices. Hence, online accounting offices meet the expectations of entrepreneurs with their offer, providing them not only with accounting support, but also tools for comprehensive online service of their business.

How to find an online accounting office?

The wFirma for Accounting Offices website brings together modern accounting offices that provide professional accounting services, and as part of the cooperation, the entrepreneur receives a number of tools to facilitate running his own business. On the entrepreneur's side, there is only the choice of a specific office from the available online directory of accounting offices.

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