Blogger - a profession of the future or a pleasant hobby?

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Blogs in Poland are becoming more and more professional, focused on success, they often resemble portals and are definitely less and less often deterred with their graphic design. A blogger can earn a lot and earn a lot. Many of them quit their full-time jobs, set up their own business and devote themselves fully to their online place.

Is blogging a job?

Everything indicates that it is, and it is very pleasant. A blogger creates what he wants, most often when he wants, advertises only the products he chooses, he doesn't have to leave the house and they pay him for it - sounds like utopia, right? It is worth knowing, however, that such activity, although most often fully compatible with the interests of the person conducting it, is demanding and time-consuming. A blogger builds a community and his existence on the web is based on it. Caring for it is a necessary condition - when people stop reading it, they simply lose interest in the eyes of advertisers.

Of course, many people blog only because they like it and don't get paid for it, but bloggers are more and more aware of their power day by day and sooner or later start to combine business with pleasure.

There are also a lot of books on the publishing market that help you run your own website properly. First of all, they often teach how to make money blogging, how to build a community and what steps to avoid. Today, there are so many sites on a wide variety of topics that it can be very difficult to get ahead of the game. However, if we approach it with commitment, we will certainly create something really professional and worthy of attention.

A novice blogger with the intention of making a profit

We often hear that becoming a blogger just for the money, you will never succeed. However, it is worth remembering that if at the beginning of the road we assume that we could work this way, it is not worth waiting for the right moment and striving for it from the first note. Just because a blogger makes money doesn't mean he or she loses credibility. On the contrary, the blogger does not need to post a positive ad, since he has been paid for it. He has complete freedom of expression. At least in principle, this must happen if it wants to gain recognition in the eyes of its readers. Contrary to appearances, the blind pursuit of money comes to light very quickly. A blog is not only about banners and a visually correct website - it is interesting, good content.

Vloger vs. blogger

Recording videos is a very popular form of blogging at the moment. Youtubers are almost becoming Internet celebrities. They have millions of views, take part in many campaigns and in many respects they are superior to bloggers. The competition is so big that interesting content and, above all, great quality is necessary - after all, nobody can imagine blogs shot with a webcam. Bloggers have a huge reach, as is their impact on viewers.

It is impossible not to notice that bloggers, regardless of the form in which they convey their content, grow into a great opinion-forming force. They become more than just people who share their views with recipients. This topic is still in its infancy in Poland, but in other countries, leading bloggers are an extremely strong group. Will this also happen in our country over time? Probably yes, and the profession of a blogger will no longer surprise anyone.