Brand24 - how the internet monitoring tool works

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The Internet is a treasury of knowledge on any topic and a source of many opinions. Social media, discussion forums or blogs gather people from all over the world who share their opinions about companies and their services. It is worth knowing where and how our company is said. Brand24 is a solution for those who want to monitor their brand online in terms of specific phrases.

Brand24 - monitoring 24 hours a day

Brand24 is a tool that is used to monitor and control what is said about us on the Internet. It allows you to reach those places on the web where an interesting topic, previously indicated by us, was initiated. This tool deals with real-time internet monitoring. As soon as the relevant information is published, we are informed about it.

Brand24 works instantly, which gives us the opportunity to be up to date. We can react immediately and take actions that will strengthen the advertising campaign or protect our reputation from being harmed or damaged. There is no need to sign any contract to use the service. The "pay-as-you-go" principle applies, i.e. we pay a fee for using Brand24, and after a specified period of time we extend it. It is convenient and beneficial for the client, because in the event that the service does not meet our expectations, we can cancel it even after a month without suffering any consequences.

Brand24 plans tailored to your needs

When deciding to use monitoring, we can choose from four packages, each of which has been adapted to the needs of various types of companies. Thanks to this, we are able to choose a plan that will meet our expectations, and the costs associated with using it will not affect our budget. Brand24 offers the following packages:

  • Personal Plus: if you are a beginner in network monitoring, taking your first steps in this industry, the cheapest package will be the best solution for you. It is also intended for private individuals. You get the ability to monitor six key phrases, and the results are updated twice a day. The number of entries added by the system per month is limited to 5000.

  • Professional Premium: This plan is designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. In this case, the number of key phrases increased to ten, and the limit of entries added by the system was lifted. New options were used, such as "Social Media Reach", which shows the estimated number of people who may have contact with statements containing monitored phrases in social media, or "Context of discussion" indicating the most popular words in discussions about monitored phrases. We can also create groups, in addition, we have access to opinion leaders, i.e. people who most often spoke about our company.

  • Professional Business: a plan that has been tailored to the needs of companies and agencies looking for a tool that offers extensive monitoring. Thirty key phrases, a half-hour update and no entry limit are just a few of the many options that this package includes. It has been enriched with "Interactions", indicating the popularity of the entries found in selected social networking sites, and "PDF Reports", which allow you to automatically create analyzes of basic data about our company.

  • Professional Max: the most extensive monitoring option. It is intended for use by major companies, agencies and media houses. It is possible to monitor as many as 110 key returns and the option to update realtime. In addition to the tools available in the lower packages, we can use the help of a consultant who helps you configure projects, create analyzes and choose the best sets of keywords.

You can take advantage of a free 14-day test of all plans. You can cancel the test package at any time without incurring additional costs.

Start a free 30-day trial period with no strings attached!

Brand24 advantages and benefits

  • Instantly capture and inform us of all feedback on our company or product on blogs, forums and social media;

  • the ability to use the application using a smartphone;

  • an excellent source of analyzes and reports that provide us with knowledge about our clients and the places in which they express themselves;

  • thanks to the collected information, we can change and improve. The testimonials issued by clients or the results of the surveys they fill in are not always credible and fully objective. In message boards, they talk to equals, future or current customers of your store. Their opinions are a source of irreplaceable information;

  • by receiving a notification of a mention of your business, you can react immediately to encourage the use of your services. In a situation where the customer has a negative opinion about you, you can try to correct him from the mistake. In this way, you will prevent the spread of an unfavorable opinion;

  • you alone are not able to control the entire internet, social media and internet forums. Brand24 gives you such an opportunity and every company that cares about creating its own image in a positive way should take advantage of this offer. The tool can be a really big support for you and provide you with knowledge that is unattainable for some.

They already trusted

There are many well-known companies and large enterprises on the market that use Brand24 monitoring. Tauron uses the device to streamline and improve its operations. On forums, they look for information about what requires more attention and what does not satisfy their customers. IT Solutions praises Brand24 for a reasonable price and the ability to quickly and efficiently spot customer problems. Agencja Płodni noticed very high efficiency in monitoring and thanks to it it has already completed many non-standard projects. Brand24's potential is huge, as evidenced by the number of large and well-known companies that trusted it. To monitor is to know more.