Branding - why is the brand so important and what does it bring to your business?

Service Business

Each company is primarily concerned with being recognizable on the market, standing out and attracting the attention of as many consumers as possible. The entrepreneur must create his brand so that it is unique and liked.

A brand is a trademark or factory mark - an original, unmistakable, one-of-a-kind conglomerate of names and graphic symbols, which will always evoke associations with a given company. It is placed on the manufacturer's products in order to protect against imitation and infringement of copyrights. The entrepreneur signing under his brand guarantees its high quality. Similarly, unbranded products are considered kitsch, hence the creation of a "good brand" becomes the basis for business success. For example, in the mid-1980s, "good brand" was associated with luxurious clothes, having them implied a high social status. Thus, the brand not only affects the producer, but also the consumer. Brand value is measured by how much the customer is aware of. It is counted by comparing the expected revenues of a branded product with the expected revenues of the corresponding non-branded product. Therefore, it is extremely important to build brand awareness, i.e. branding. Branding is a marketing technique that consists in creating a brand and consolidating its positive image in the minds of consumers.

Brand awareness is achieved through the appropriate selection of the name, logo, advertising slogan, website address, general design pattern and the message of advertising materials that will be clearly associated with a specific company. Therefore, a given company must stand out so that the customer notices its existence and wants to use its services or buy its products. However, a one-time contact with the consumer is not everything, the manufacturer must fight for a regular customer, it must be remembered by him so that in the future he will first reach for his products and recommend them to his friends. In this way, not only is brand awareness built, but also the group of loyal customers is expanded. The company becomes liked and trustworthy, which is a very important factor in branding.

Branding is often associated with global advertising and a huge financial outlay. But in fact, good branding begins when a given company has an idea for itself. Building brand awareness is nothing more than showing creativity and mastering people's minds on the basis of associations. Branding begins when the consumer, hearing the name, associates it with the product, seeing the logo matches it with the manufacturer. The entrepreneur should simply go to the other side of the barricade for a moment, he should start thinking like the consumer: “I am a customer, so what attracts me? What I like?".

A positive brand should give a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, not only to the entrepreneur, but also to the customer. Thanks to it, the company gains consumer trust, which is so important in business. Therefore, branding is primarily about creativity, building a network of associations at the client's and, as a result, gaining his respect.