Team Building - What Should Every Leader Know?

Service Business

As Henry Ford used to say - joining forces is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success. Groups of employees that will be transformed into strong teams are more likely to survive the test of time. Is team building an easy task then?

What is a team?

A team should be understood as a specific number of people who share a common goal and are aware that to achieve it, individual commitment of each of them is needed. In addition, the group has team methods of cooperation and thus performs the work more efficiently.

Creating a team also takes place through the proper selection of employees with similar competences and personalities. The key issue is not getting team members to do everything together, but determining the right moment to hand over the task to another employee.

How to ensure proper team building?

Identification of the team's needs and problems is important at every stage of team formation or existence. For example, control questions, surveys or individual interviews can be used. A meticulously conducted interview can be a reference point for analysis and joint discussion. In practice, it is not possible to create a team from every group of employees - especially a well-coordinated team - and this should be taken into account.

Team building - what are the advantages?

In a well-integrated team, individual members are more oriented towards the needs of their colleagues. The flow of information is improving. Moreover, employees are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Such a situation makes it possible to specify what a given employee is guided by in his conduct.

To sum up, a well-coordinated team wins more often than others, if it is aware of the direction of development, achievable goals, and when it uses different variants of action and is based on mutual trust.

What are the obstacles in building a good team?

Obstacles may result from both the attitudes of employees and the approach of the employer himself. In addition, external factors such as nervous work atmosphere or everyday stress have a negative impact on the team building process.

  1. Lack of willingness to cooperate and integrate

  2. Team members rivalry

  3. No mutual trust

  4. Low level of motivation to work

  5. Differences in the character and personality of employees

  6. Low level of trust in each other

What to do to build a good team?

  • "Hear first, then be heard" - one of Steven Covey's 7 habits as a key to effective communication

It is impossible to work in a team and not communicate with each other. It is very important that employees learn to listen to the other person and be able to express their opinion in a way that is understandable to others. Thanks to effective communication, working in a team brings more benefits to everyone.

  • Workplace atmosphere

Work is something that takes a third of our lives. The second part of the time is devoted to sleep, the third - is for personal activities. When we realize this, we should try to spend time at work in a pleasant atmosphere. It also affects the efficiency of the team's work.

  • Mutual respect and acceptance

If we create a team, we should respect its other members, their opinions, views, religion and opinions. We should not discriminate against anyone. A team is a harmonious group, so it should understand and support each other.

  • Responsibility

It is important that each team member feels responsible for the entire group. There should be no social loafing. If the team has a project to implement, then each person should take an active part in the joint work.

  • Band leader

The team leader plays an important role. Its task is primarily to unite the group, motivate to work, resolve conflicts, radiate positive energy and optimism, show the way and support.

Synergy - the habit of creative collaboration

When will we see that the team is in tune? When will the synergy effect occur? Synergy is Steven Covey's sixth habit that reflects the highest form of collaboration. This effect can be described by the equation 1 + 1 = 3 and more. Building a team that will stay in tune is about finding solutions that are better than the ideas of each individual on the team. It is worth looking for the third - the best solution and accepting the difference of opinion. Synergy is about cooperation, thanks to which we obtain a better end result than if we worked alone. Building a team is about listening to each other and trying to understand the other person, to define a vision of the end, and to pursue a third solution to the problem.Similarly, building synergy requires people to be committed, feel responsible and focus on a good atmosphere. It is worth being open to new, unusual ideas of others and not criticizing them.

To sum up, a well-coordinated team wins more often than others, if it is aware of the direction of development, achievable goals, and when it uses various variants of action and is based on mutual trust.