CEPiK - how to check if a vehicle is stolen?


The CEPiK system was created in the years 2003-2010. In 2004, the central register of vehicles was launched, and in 2005 - the central register of drivers. Until the end of 2010, CEPiK was expanded with further elements, such as an application for data transmission by vehicle inspection stations and data on issued certificates for the transport of goods. In 2017 and 2018, the system was modernized under the CEPiK 2.0 Program, the main purpose of which is to provide vehicle-related services to citizens and entrepreneurs.

What is CEPiK?

CEPiK abbreviation is the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers established by the Ministry of Digital Affairs. According to the name, CEPiK contains:

  • central vehicle register,

  • central register of drivers.

Thanks to CEPiK, you can obtain data about vehicles or drivers - check how many vehicles had owners, what is its history, whether it participated in collisions, what mileage it takes and the dates of individual registrations.

Where and what data does CEPiK have?

The data collected in the Central Vehicle Register is provided in various procedures and dates by obligated institutions, e.g. vehicle registration authorities, vehicle inspection stations or the Police.

Central Vehicle Register includes, among others:

  • vehicle information,

  • vehicle registration date,

  • data of the owner (vehicle owner),

  • information about events such as:

    • vehicle theft and finding it,
    • stamping the chassis number or engine number,
    • retention of the registration certificate or temporary permit,
    • the date of the next technical examination,
  • information on third party liability insurance, including data such as:

    • name and surname or company name of the insured and his / her residence address (or registered office address),
    • the name of the insurance company that concluded the contract,
    • name, series and number of the document confirming the conclusion of the contract,
    • the date of conclusion of the contract and the period of liability of the insurance company,
    • the date of termination of the contract.

Central Register of Drivers includes, among others:

  • driver information,

  • information about events such as:

    • detention of the driving license and its return,

    • withdrawal of entitlement and its restoration,

    • loss of the document confirming the entitlements and its finding,

    • driving ban.

What services does the CEPiK system offer?

One of CEPiK's services is the ability to check the history of the vehicle. Thanks to this free service, you can verify that what the car seller says is consistent with the information in the records.

After entering the relevant vehicle data (registration number, VIN, date of first registration) in the system, CEPiK generates a report with information about a given car (see below for fictitious data).


Data is entered into CEPiK by various institutions. The quality of the information entered into the system can be influenced by many factors, such as various IT systems used by data entrants or human error, so that the information contained in the system may not always exactly match the history of the vehicle.

Therefore, the information received as part of the report should not be the only criterion for making a decision to purchase a vehicle - however, it can significantly help the buyer evaluate the offer.

Other free CEPiK services include:

  • safe bus - the ability to check information about the bus - its technical condition, number of seats or whether it has liability insurance;

  • online penalty points - the ability to check your penalty points;

  • request for data sharing - the possibility of obtaining data about the vehicle, owner or driver;

  • request for statistical data - the possibility of obtaining statistical information on vehicles registered in Poland. Statistics can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Application for access to data from vehicle records

The scope of data that can be obtained from the vehicle register includes: registration number, VIN number, vehicle make and model, year of production, date of first registration in Poland and abroad, engine capacity and power.

To obtain data on a vehicle or driver:

  • submit an application to the appropriate records (vehicle or driver),

  • pay a fee of PLN 30.40,

  • indicate in the request the interest of the notifying person in receiving this information.

If we want to obtain information about ourselves, all we need to do is submit an application - without the need to pay a fee or justify.

The application can be downloaded from the website cepik.gov.pl. Before completing the application, please read carefully the explanations contained therein and fill in each required field.

The application can be sent by traditional mail or online with the use of an electronic signature.

You can also submit an application to the Central Register of Drivers for the provision of statistical data - in this case, the data is made available in a way that excludes the possibility of identifying a specific vehicle or driver. The obtained data can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. The fee for such an application depends on the scope of IT work necessary to prepare such data. The amount of the fee is communicated to the applicant in response to his / her application.

Application for access to data from drivers' records

The application for access to data from the driver's register should be prepared by yourself - there is no specific form. The application should contain the following information:

  • indication that we want to obtain data from the Central Register of Drivers,

  • data of the applicant entity,

  • the scope of information we want to obtain,

  • legal basis authorizing to obtain data,

  • a reasonably justified need to obtain data,

  • for what purposes we want to obtain information from CEK,

  • information that will allow you to search for the requested data in the CEK.

The application can be sent by traditional mail or online using an electronic signature. Sending the application is subject to a fee of PLN 30.40. It should be paid to the account of the Ministry of Digitization with the note "CEK - fee for providing data".

What is the new CEPiK 2.0?

The CEPiK 2.0 system was partially operational in November 2017. The improved CEPiK 2.0 has been enriched with new functions, such as:

  • records of holders of parking cards,

  • a wider range of information on technical data,

  • a wider range of information on vehicle insurance,

  • driver candidate profile,

  • data on instructors and driving examiners.