Motion Sickness - How Can I Deal With It?

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Motion sickness, or kinetosis, most often affects children and the elderly. However, it is worth being aware that unpleasant symptoms can happen to all of us. Usually the symptoms include drowsiness, nausea, vomiting and headache. It is difficult then for a light, pleasant journey. The problem also occurs when we know that there is no chance of stopping every time we need to breathe fresh air. Additionally, there is stress which increases the feeling of being unwell. What to do to make the trip painless? How to fight motion sickness?

Where does motion sickness come from?

It is worth looking at the causes of motion sickness. We know exactly how we feel it, but why does it happen and where does it come from? The labyrinth in the middle ear, the nerve endings of muscles and joints, and vision contribute to everything. The former registers body movements, its direction and position, nerve endings transmit signals to the brain about the arrangement of arms and legs, while the eyes observe everything that is happening around us. Even though we are sitting, the sight "thinks" that we are moving. If there are conflicting signals to the brain, we have a real confusion in our head that stimulates the vomiting center. Consequently, we start to feel really bad.

Motion Sickness: How Do You Cope?

  1. Let us remember that our subconscious is very important. Sometimes it is telling yourself that the journey will be difficult that makes it so. Before driving, let's try to rest, calm down, relax and, most of all, not to think about how bad it can be, and maybe we can compensate for the effects of motion sickness.

  2. If you are traveling in your own car, ventilate it thoroughly before traveling. Additionally, check for strong, nauseating air fresheners. Also ask fellow passengers to avoid suffocating perfumes. Of course, if we are going with someone outside our family, we do not have much influence on it.

  3. If you are traveling by car, it is best to sit in the middle, facing the direction of travel. Let's not watch people behind the glass, let's look ahead, into the distance, you can choose one point to focus on, but it is worth changing it from time to time.

  4. It will also be correct to assume a reclining position with your head slightly tilted back. Motion sickness will not be felt that much.

  5. If we feel nauseous, open the window and breathe some fresh air, and when that doesn't help, ask the driver to stop. Let's walk, take a few deep breaths, try to calm down, and in this time let's air the car.

  6. If we do not travel by our own car and we can choose the means of transport - let's choose the train. This is the place that causes us the least unpleasant ailments, because its movement is the most uniform.

  7. When traveling by coach, let's take a seat as far away from the wheels as possible. In turn, in the plane, let's sit near the wings.

  8. Do not eat heavy, high-calorie meals before riding. Large portions will also not be the best idea. Let's eat something light and avoid sweets.

  9. Try not to eat while traveling, and certainly give up sweets and carbonated drinks.

  10. If we know that we feel bad while driving, we should not read. Looking at the letters for a long time and tilting your head can hurt us.

  11. Let us try to occupy ourselves with something. Let's load your audiobook on your player and focus on it, or sit down with someone you can talk to and talk to.

  12. If the symptoms are intense, cool compresses on the forehead can help.

  13. It is common for young children to stick a patch to their navel to help and, surprisingly, often do the job, but it is a placebo. However, since they are effective - it's worth a try!

  14. Of course, you shouldn't forget about the medication that helps with motion sickness. It is true that they induce sleep and sometimes people feel very heavy after them, but they help in counteracting unpleasant symptoms.

Travel sickness can make any journey unpleasant. If we know that this problem also applies to us - especially prepare for the road. First and foremost - let's really try to rest and calm down, thanks to which the ride will be more pleasant.