Click to Call - will this type of advertising work in every business?

Service Business

In the wide range of Google AdWords advertising functions, everyone will find something suitable for their business. One of the effective tools for quick lead generation is Click to Call. It is a simple option that, properly matched to the activity, can bring the company high profits.

Click to Call - what is it?

Click to Call is one of the forms of sponsored links advertising that is displayed only on mobile devices. The trick is in the mechanism of a modified phone call extension, which is available in other sponsored link campaigns, but this one is only displayed on devices with a calling function.

The title of such an advertisement is simply a telephone number. Additionally, you can place two lines of text and the address of the target page in it. Advertising that does not lead to familiarization with the company's offer looks lost in advance, but there are many businesses that provide one service, and their goal is to attract the user.

In which companies will Click to Call advertising work?

A perfect example of a customer's use of Click to Call advertising is a sudden need to use the service. If the customer is in a situation where he does not need to learn about the company's detailed offer, but simply wants to use it, e.g. in the case of roadside assistance or looking for a pharmacy, when he enters the search engine, a telephone number appears, which he can immediately call call. In this way, the problem is solved immediately and the company receives the customer determined to buy the product.

Click to Call advertising design

A Click to Call campaign can turn out to be extremely effective, but when creating it, you need to remember about a few important aspects:

  • moment of displaying ads - links should appear only when you are able to receive calls from customers. If you do not have time to do so or you are not in the company on a specific date, make sure that the ads are not displayed during this time. Missed calls will have a negative impact on your company's image and will make you lose strong customers.

  • cost - phrases that match a Click to Call campaign are very competitive as they bring you a virtually resolute customer. Therefore, when you decide to use this feature, you should be careful about blank clicks as they generate a lot of costs, up to PLN 65 per click, so not answering calls is simply a waste of a lot of money.

  • campaign time - it's a good idea to set your ads to appear during office hours. This way we will avoid missed calls and loss of customers.

  • measuring the effects - after creating a campaign, we should measure its performance with the appropriate type of conversion, which consists in counting connections from links. Google AdWords has a special tool for this. To do this, add the target phone number and then assign the desired conversion to it, in this case a phone call. Then, select the details of such contact, i.e. indicate the specific type of advertisement and the time of the call after which it will be counted.

Click to Call is definitely an advertisement designed for companies that are trying to quickly reach the customer, provide a contact and make a sale. The use of such a campaign will work in many businesses and help increase profits.