Cloud computing - a modern tool in the company

Service Business

Cloud computing, as one of the most important trends in the IT industry, is successfully replacing the traditional software model. As the latest data shows, applications using the SaaS model are accelerating and in the last year their growth in global markets reached 40 percent. And although cloud computing in Poland still arouses mixed feelings, the reach of SaaS has recently increased significantly. At the end of 2011, about 46 percent of midsize and small businesses were processing cloud services.In 2012, cloud computing strengthened its position on the market, recording another increase of several percent.

The advantage of the SaaS model is primarily its price, constant access to data and applications, mobility and time savings. To better understand the essence of this tool and the possibilities it offers, let's analyze the SaaS functionality on a specific example.


Cloud computing is a tool used primarily in business and therefore it is best suited to company management. Among the native software based on the SaaS model, websites offering online accounting tools constitute a large group. Virtual accounting offices are successively conquering the market of medium and small companies, offering clients more and more extensive online services and more attractive terms of cooperation. One of the most important advantages (from the customer's point of view) is, of course, cost. The monthly amount of payment for the accountant or accounting office is about PLN 300, while the subscription on the website is only PLN 30-50. After paying for his account, the user receives 24-hour access to such tools as: issuing invoices and settling payments, keeping registers and books adapted to the form of taxation of the entrepreneur, generating declarations, or printing fiscal receipts. Depending on the needs, you can limit yourself to the invoicing package or run your business comprehensively, paying for additional services. The creators of such platforms, along with the technological facilities, also guarantee substantive support. A group of qualified accountants takes part in the process of creating and improving the website, and they also answer users' questions on an ongoing basis. The full automation of the program also eliminates the obligation of traditional calculation of contributions, tax and one-by-one filling in of all declarations - the system downloads the data once and then exports it wherever the user decides. All information stored in the cloud is secured and protected by transmission via a secure SSL channel and daily backup generation. As a purely web tool, online accounting services are constantly updated and integrated with all operating systems and e-commerce platforms, e.g. Allegro, click shop.

There are many online self-bookkeeping platforms available in the home market, however, compare all available packages before making your final selection. In this aspect, it is worth considering the selection of appropriate functionalities to minimize the time of your own work. The website - the leader of online software for companies, in addition to classic internet accounting and invoicing, offers complementary tools that comprehensively coordinate the functioning of the company. It is mainly about a warehouse program, HR and payroll system, as well as a program for managing relations with contractors - CRM. A user who decides to buy all the tools is able not only to keep the company and customers accountable, but also create marketing strategies, manage employees and analyze the development of their own business.

The technology using the SaaS model is a great opportunity for the development of the entire micro-entrepreneurship segment. The ability to independently manage multiple structures at once, from any place and from a device equipped with a web browser, significantly improves the quality of services provided by the company. On the other hand, the benefits of passing the costs of managing the company, purchasing software, and maintaining accounting and IT facilities are incomparable.