What can be leased - everything about leasing

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Leasing is very popular among entrepreneurs. There are many reasons for this - first of all, it is an economically effective method of financing investments. Compared to other options, it is distinguished by the simplicity of procedures, lower cost than in the case of, for example, a loan and access to various types of equipment, machines and intangible assets, the purchase of which by traditional means (credit, cash) is simply impossible. What can you lease?

What can you lease?

Pursuant to the statutory definition, the subject of leasing may be "a movable or immovable item, serving the user's economic purpose, an investment good, in the accounting of enterprises referred to as a fixed asset".

In connection with the above, the subject of leasing may be practically everything that turns out to be necessary for running a business. What's more, this form of investment financing can apply to both new and used things. Therefore, you can lease:

  • machinery,
  • premises,
  • cars - trucks and cars,
  • production lines,
  • office accessorises,
  • computers
  • and many others.

It all depends on the imagination of the entrepreneur and the offers available on the leasing companies market. It is worth bearing in mind that individual lessors may differ significantly in this respect.

Software leasing - is it possible?

In the light of the above definition, doubts may arise from leasing, for example, software that does not belong to the category of the company's fixed assets, but is an intangible and legal asset. In this case, when creating a leasing contract, you should specify the terms of use not of the software, but of the copyright (license) to it.

In the case of this type of leasing, the act on copyright and related rights should be taken into account. Very often, a product such as software is sold with a license that allows it to be used only by one company (lessor). Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the manufacturer to grant financing in the form of leasing of items, the further resale of which is reserved through a limited license.

Leasing companies that offer software, such formalities are already behind them, so there should be no problems with concluding such a contract.

Leased employees?

Nowadays, you can also talk about a leasing contract for employees. It consists in hiring people (temporary workers) with whom an employment relationship has been concluded for the benefit of other economic entities (temporary employment agencies). Such employees perform their duties in accordance with the Act on Temporary Employment.

It is an optimal solution for entrepreneurs planning the implementation of ad hoc projects that require a lot of work in a short period of time. This allows for quick involvement of staff when required by a given date or when the employee is on sick leave.

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Leasing companies specialization

There are leasing companies on the market that specialize in one type of equipment, and more general companies that offer a wide range of equipment available from them. It should be borne in mind that not all companies lease everything - some of them choose to specialize in one of the market segments, others adapt their offer to the demand and trends on the market.

Therefore, while the popular car leasing should not be a problem, more specialized equipment can cause considerable difficulties with financing on the part of the leasing company.

To sum up, the benefits of leasing meant that nowadays practically everything can be obtained with this form of financing - the imagination of entrepreneurs is limited only by the offers of individual leasing companies.