What is anchor text and how does it affect the SEO of the website?

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Anchor text is the content that lies between the tags and is primarily concerned with acquiring inbound links. Anchor should be varied in many ways on each website. In addition, it is necessary to ensure compliance with the content of the linked website.

The text between the tags is one of the most important factors taken into account by search engines. Takes part in creating the ranking of every website. Other elements of the website are also important here. What matters is the number of incoming links and the authority of the page on which such anchor texts are placed. The Google Bomb phenomenon shows us the role of links, which are later rated well by search engines.

Anchor text important for website positioning

In order to position your website well, you should try to get links to it from many other websites and places on the web. Then we focus on positioning taking into account the appropriate key phrases. They are then taken into account by search engines. If we were to position our website under the slogan "Aesthetic Medicine" and we wanted to place the website high on the phrase "Aesthetic Medicine Krakow", and not "Aesthetic Medicine Wrocław", especially two elements would determine which phrase would appear on our website in search engines. First of all, what matters is the optimization of the website in terms of SEO. Second, the anchor text of the links that lead to our site is important.

Diverse anchor text

Most Internet users, when looking for a specific company, decide to enter keywords related to a specific city in the search engine. So if we want to be successful, we should try to create an appropriate number of anchor text links that would contain the most important key phrases. First of all, we should care about them so that potential customers reach our website and use our products or services.

Remember about the length of the record of the clickable anchor text link

The SEO rule says that the anchor should not exceed 60 characters. The SERP results show us that shorter links get much better results in positioning. If the limit of the allowable number of characters is exceeded, it does not prevent the hyphen from being read and understood correctly. It is the value of a particular word in the link that becomes smaller. Research is carried out on the spread of keywords in tags, taking into account all search engines. It is estimated that the highest value in link popularity is obtained by each short and key link.

What is the function of anchor text?

Anchor text is an important content of the clickable link, it affects the positioning of the page and is used by Internet users. This anchor is also the content of the anchor and link. It is very important to properly optimize the Anchor tag, which is one of the basic principles related to SEO. The first thing that matters is choosing the right keywords in the link. Such key phrases will still be in the relevant content on the page, in places such as title, url, H1, H2, H3. They will also appear in alternative content, paragraphs, and text. Thanks to this, the website will be properly strengthened in relation to the selected keywords.

The use of anchor text is carefully evaluated by search engines. They take into account the subject matter, words to be positioned, the authority of the sending and receiving the link, naturalness in the anchor content, and the method of obtaining the link. Such elements are primarily taken into account when positioning the SERP objective.

Building an anchor text according to SEO principles

Anchor text should contain keywords, including those relevant to the topic of the page. Then such phrases are properly positioned, and at the same time appear on the external website and the web internat. As already mentioned, its length should not exceed 60 characters with a space. This contributes to more effective positioning of the page for the selected words. It is estimated that the fewer words, the stronger the anchor text. Ideally, it should appear at the very top, in the body section. Do not use too much anchor text on the page. Spam contributes to the lowering of the website's value in search engines. The link should also stand out - be visible thanks to the use of the appropriate color, for example blue. An alternative solution is to underline the link.

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Make sure the key phrases in the anchor text are optimized

Anchor is content that takes us to another site. To achieve proper optimization, it is important to get the highest ranking for the keywords you choose. Search engines change their algorithms, but we still apply SEO principles that will allow us to increase the value of certain key phrases for search engines.

Make sure your keywords are in the URL linked to anchor text. They must also appear in important page elements, such as title or other headings H1, H2, H3. This will contribute to enhancing their value, which will be positively received by search engines.

Positioning aims to use BL, Link Popularity. It is possible by selecting the words that describe the selected website in advance. In the case of a company website, it is necessary to define words referring to its business activity, to the category and type of services and products.

Achor text in the TOP ranking

A website gets a TOP ranking by SERP through the use of several measures. Measuring the popularity of a website also depends on the quality of the anchor texts that were used for its positioning.

The search engine evaluates anchor text in terms of the linking and linked pages, i.e. based on authority. The history of a specific domain is also very important, as well as its rank, i.e. the current position in the marketing of SERP search engines.