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Crowdfunding sounds like a very complicated business financing tool. However, in fact, it is based on very simple mechanisms - helping people who at a given moment have funds that they would like to invest. Crowdfunding (as this initiative is called in Poland) is gaining more and more supporters in the country on the Vistula River, although in legal terms crowdfunding, as in many countries, has not yet been legally regulated.

Crowdfunding: Got an idea? Post an ad

It should be noted that the idea of ​​crowdfounding is a relatively young initiative - its origins are traced back to the 1990s. Its main assumption is financing a specific project by micro-payers who like a certain idea.

Crowdfunding uses the Internet to promote innovative projects and ventures and create a community of Internet users around them. Therefore, it is enough for a person who has an idea for an interesting project, but lacks funds for its implementation, to post an advertisement on a dedicated website, stating what amount he needs to start the project. The only thing left to do is wait and hope that the idea will interest the Internet community and there will be a sufficient group of micro-payers.

What can be financed in this way? Practically everything. The most important thing is that it has a chance of success and something that will attract potential investors. On crowdfunding websites you can find announcements about the launch of a new product, the organization of various festivals, the release of an album by a specific team, scientific research or the creation of a new computer game.

Crowdfunding: Grain to grain ...

If the project is good and gains a lot of support in the Internet community, then thanks to the accumulation of small amounts it becomes possible to collect a lot of capital and thus to implement the assumptions of the project.

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And the potential in crowdfunding is great. An example would be the history of the Ouya game console. A crowdfunding target of $ 950,000 was set for the project that concerns her. It might seem that a person who thinks that he will manage to get such a large sum from - let's be honest - strangers and not necessarily experienced in investing Internet users, is only a naive dreamer. However, we managed to accumulate this amount and even raise it. The support community was generous enough that the project idea raised $ 8.6 million, ie surpassing the original funding target of $ 7.6 million.

Crowdfunding and public fundraising

The idea of ​​crowdfunding is similar to that of public fundraising, but there is one fundamental difference between them. While in the case of the latter, we can only talk about emotional gratification, in the case of crowdfunding the participant is not only a donor, but a contributor who, if the project is successful, can count on certain benefits. These, like the crowdfunding idea, can take various forms - from a discount to a newly created product, through a free entrance to a mass event, receiving a specific product or pre-sale access to it, to entering your name and surname in the booklet attached to the disc.

There is also a crowdfunding model called investment. In this case, each of the supporters receives a share of the profits from the project, corresponding to their contribution.

Although the idea of ​​crowdfunding in Poland is still in its infancy, there are several dedicated websites on the market through which the idea and capital providers can meet. However, it should be remembered that the legal status of crowdfunding in Poland is still not regulated. In this matter, changes are necessary, first of all, in the area of ​​tax law - so that the implementation of projects does not involve any doubts as to the possibility of obtaining and using the funds collected on a voluntary basis.