Copywriting and content marketing

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For many people, copywriting and content marketing seem to be the same. Yes, both concepts have a lot in common, but they definitely differ from each other in some respects. What? Find out in our article.

How is copywriting different from content marketing?

The main difference between copywriting and content marketing concerns the style of communication that both techniques bring:

  • Copywriting is writing advertising texts that are to convince the recipient to buy a product or influence their beliefs. It is a direct form of advertising that directly tells the potential customer why they should buy the product or subscribe to the newsletter.

  • Content marketing is a way of acquiring recipients with the help of attractive and useful content. It is an activity aimed at reaching a specific target group and building a long-term relationship with them through commitment and interactions.

Content marketing and copywriting

Content marketing is extremely important nowadays, when traditional marketing methods are losing their effectiveness. Nobody pays attention to commercials on TV or in the press anymore. Advertising on the Internet is also not easy, because there is a lot of advertising competition on the Internet, and what is worse, in the amount of information, users have stopped noticing banners or sponsored links. The main goal of content marketing is not only to gain the recipient, but also to keep them by providing them with valuable content on topics important to them. Content marketing should be an ongoing process. For most companies, it has already become a permanent and important element of their marketing strategy.

The purpose of copywriting is to create a simple text that will directly reach the recipient and encourage him to perform the activity described in the advertising slogan. Copywriting is most often used in sales and is packed with content that is intended to influence the potential customer so that he or she acts impulsively and emotionally.

Copywriting as a component of content marketing

Good copywriting can be one of the most important ingredients in content marketing. Why? Sometimes it happens that valuable text does not bring the intended results. This is because it lacks action phrases. These do not have to be slogans directly encouraging you to buy - they can encourage you to read other articles or share the text you read on social networks. The use of copywriting tricks will make the recipient interact with your text, which will allow you to start building long-term relationships with them.

You should also remember that the article should not be too hermetic, which sometimes happens in the case of content marketing. It should be written for a potential client, not for online positioning mechanisms. A light approach to the topic will make the text easier to read and will have a greater chance of being spread on the Internet using social media. Remember, viral marketing is content marketing's best friend!