Does a blogger have to start a business? Earning money legally on the Internet


Blogging has become very popular. It is true that there is no point in cheating - only the leading representatives of the Polish blogosphere earn a lot of money from this source, but almost every blogger earns some money on entries. In that case, does a blogger have to start a business? The answer to that question is: it depends.

How to make money blogging?

There are many ways to earn money on a blog, and each of them should absolutely be carried out on the basis of a contract. In particular, you should not forget to sign the contract if the way to earn are sponsored entries or an affiliate program, as well as banner advertising implemented as part of individual cooperation. In these cases, a written contract is required.

In the case of the other most popular ways to earn money on the blog, i.e. using affiliate programs, the process of concluding the contract is automated. The contract is concluded by creating an account and accepting the regulations. The opposite is true when the way to earn money on a blog is to sell your own products. The sale also takes place on the basis of a contract, but this time it is not the blogger, but the consumer who accepts the regulations and thus concludes the contract.

It is worth noting here that each of the ways of earning money on a blog is a specific source of income, differently accounted for under tax law. This will also play a role in the key issue - whether the blogger has to start a business. Here are some examples:

  • sale of own products - business activity,

  • partnership programs - income from other sources / business activity,

  • sponsored or partnership entry - activity performed in person / business activity,

  • banner advertising - rental of advertising space / business activity.


Although each way of earning money on the blog is a different source of income, the basis of each of them is a contract under which the blogger can be paid money.

Does a blogger have to start a business when he is not employed?

As indicated above, several of the popular ways to earn money on a blog can do without starting a business, because the generated income can be settled as private (e.g. contract of mandate, private rental). However, the matter is complicated by other circumstances. Namely, if:

  • Blog revenue is the only source of income and the blogger is not employed,

  • a blogger earns money on the blog regularly,

- then it is worth considering starting a business.

The very definition of economic activity is contained in Art. 3. the Entrepreneurs' Law. According to her, the features of economic activity are its profit-making and organized nature and continuity.


Own company will allow for accurate settlement of blog revenues and organize settlements with the tax office.

Failure to register the activity when the indicated features are present may lead to problems with the treasury and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) for the blogger-freelancer. Hence, if the above-mentioned circumstances exist, not having your own business is a deliberate risk. Therefore, the answer to the question whether a blogger has to start a business depends on the reach of the blog.