Can access to online culture be free?

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Most young people use services based on the peer to peer communication model, i.e. torrents known to everyone. Some of them are aware that what they are doing is against the law. Are there other legal sources that any user can access at no extra cost?

Do the world need artists?

Quite often people do not realize that artists, like everyone else, need to earn money. Their work, which everyone uses directly, is creative work. It is said that the world would be worthless without art, and the slogan is reprinted on the posters like a mantra: The earth without art is just eh. Therefore, it is important to support the development of online culture by buying or using legal sources.

Access to legal online culture without leaving your home

Can I enjoy movies or music on the Internet for free? Definitely yes. It does not matter if you want to watch an interesting movie (of course after the premiere) or read a well-known book. There are many websites that provide such services completely legally - for example - for fans of Polish independent cinema, spotify - recently experiencing its great comeback - a music portal whose slogan is: Music for everyone, it is also easy to find sites that offer free access to e-books, such as Books Should Be Free.

Using culture on a daily basis

It should also be remembered that library accounts are completely free, and the book collection is expanding month by month with the newest items. Quite often, an argument against going to the theater is the high cost of tickets. Sometimes it is enough to just look around carefully - the Wrocław branch of the PWST invites everyone to its students' diploma performances, which are played at a very high level. To take advantage of the offer, you only need to reserve a seat in advance.

Copyright and free access to online culture

Ignorance of the law is harmful, so it is worth reading the Act on the Protection of Copyright. You can learn from it, among other things, what is your own personal use. In the event that a given person has downloaded a video from the Internet (not through a portal using the p2p communication model), he has the right to make it available to people who are in close social relations with him. By reading the aforementioned Act, you can easily use the whole benefits of the Internet without worrying about it being done against the law.


Finally, it is worth mentioning the Legal Culture initiative, which in 2012 showed Poles, among others, through advertising spots why it is worth supporting art. The campaign's website contains addresses of all legal sources of culture on the Internet, both paid and free. The mission of this social campaign is: "so as not to lose in this diversity fundamental values, ideas fundamental to culture, such as: being fair to others, the possibility of choosing and the right to respect what is our contribution to cultural development."


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