Are you ready to be your own boss?

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Author: Małgorzata Majewska, expert at

Today's world is characterized by entrepreneurship and a free market economy. The basis is nowadays small and medium-sized enterprises. If you are thinking about becoming the owner of one of these companies, you should ask yourself a few questions first and check that you have the appropriate financial background and knowledge. Hints will be provided by an expert of portal.

Are you involved?

Remember that the path to business success can be long. Statistically, more than half of small businesses fail within five years for a variety of reasons - notes Małgorzata Majewska, an expert of The most important thing is to be consistent and not give in to adversity easily. Problems and stumbles are usually inevitable, but if you choose to stay on your chosen path, your chances will automatically increase.

Are you brave?

When you are self-employed, you must first of all be able to sell yourself. There is no room for shyness or meekness when running your own business.If you are convinced that you do not have the appropriate communication and go-getting skills, you can abandon the idea of ​​starting your own business.

Are you disciplined?

Achievements in previous employment are not always commensurate with self-employment. Remember that you probably had a few superiors and clearly outlined responsibilities before. Ask yourself if you are able to achieve the same results on your own account.

Assess your self-discipline and organizational skills before taking any risks. If you are unsure, find the right training and courses to help you improve your skills - emphasizes Małgorzata Majewska.

Are you financially secure?

Not all companies are profitable right away. If you do not have the funds, support from your family or spouse, or any other way to generate profit, hold off the decision to start a business. Remember that looking for investors or loans are only auxiliary functions. Save money or get a part-time job to supplement your income - advises Małgorzata Majewska. If you don't take a real financial look, your company has no chance of staying in business.

Do you have experience?

Lack of the necessary knowledge about the chosen field and running a business is one of the reasons why new enterprises fail. Make sure you have the basics to start your own business and run it successfully. If you are considering opening a small store, you should know the basics of management and have experience with it. Passion alone is not enough - you need to consider every aspect of your business before opening - payroll, taxes, marketing, distribution, insurance, and prospects - emphasizes Małgorzata Majewska.

Also, be ready to learn continuously from the moment you start your business. Constant vigilance and observation are protection against the crisis.