Are Polish movies always bad movies?

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You praise others, you don't know yours - this proverb very often illustrates our attitude towards Polish cinematography. We complain about everything - low level, poor comedies, lack of good actors, talented directors or screenwriters. When we like a Polish film, we are surprised, but when we find a production that we do not like, we acknowledge it with one sentence, because in the end "what could you expect from a Polish film"? The problem is to look at the entire cinematography through the prism of the most commercial, often not very successful images. Of course, there are many bad productions, but it doesn't mean that Polish films are always bad films. We have produced some that are really perfect.

Bad Polish movies

Let's start with the fact that, after all, bad films are made in every country. Perhaps productions in other countries have better special effects, some genres are superior to Polish ones, but surely each of us has seen bad foreign productions. After all, it is impossible for any country to record only outstanding pictures. It is the same in our country. There are Polish films that are sometimes impossible to watch, actors who cannot fully act, screenwriters who do not write well, which does not mean, however, that Polish cinematography is only them. Remember that our market is often simply internally directed, we rarely create world productions. Profitable films are of course the most popular, but they are not what all Polish cinema is based on. If we are looking for something unusual, it is worth delving deeper, checking the films that are shown at festivals, receive the awards we are interested in, look for, search and look again.

Polish films - what is worth seeing?

It is difficult to designate a list of films that will surely appeal to everyone. After all, we have different tastes, we pay attention to different aspects, we amused or delighted with something completely contradictory. There are, however, some images worth considering. Let's start with, for example Ideswhich, in addition to many awards, received the most important one - the Oscar. Leaving aside the controversy that often arises from political views, let's look at the perfect, stunning photos that complete the story. Another movie worth seeing are Gods with Tomasz Kot in the lead role. The very story of professor Religa is interesting, but the phenomenal main role deserves a distinction, which makes the film watch with bated breath! Let's also not forget about older productions, such as e.g. Hearing with the outstanding role of Krystyna Janda. The film evokes great emotions, while the figure of Antonina Dziwisz has forever entered the history of Polish cinematography. It is an anti-communist painting that caused great controversy in the years of its premiere. For many of us today, the image of Poland in those years is distant, so it is definitely worth watching this film. If you prefer a lighter production climate, it is a must-have Sexmission. It contains loads of iconic lyrics today, is fun, light and perfect when we want to rest and relax. This is just a substitute for what we can see in Polish cinema. It is worth following reviews and film portals.

Polish films are excellent directors, screenwriters, they are also outstanding actors, great stories. Although we are not a leader in the sci-fi genre, we do not record chilling horror movies, we have pearls that will captivate many people. We appreciate a lot of foreign productions, we watch many pictures from around the world, but let's check Polish films, which can also surprise us very positively. Our consciousness has taken root in the belief that Poles make bad movies, but this is not true. Just like all over the world, we also produce worse and better productions, but it is not so that there are more of the weaker ones. We simply do not pay attention to many of them, we do not know that they were made, we do not know directors who are not promoted in the media and we do not know what is happening in our country in this regard. However, it is not too bad and it is worth remembering.