Do you know how much your website is worth? Website valuation

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The website is one of the elements that make up the value of our company. It is the channel of communication with the client, it builds our image and provides recipients with information about the offer and services provided, as well as is a source of knowledge on a specific topic. Therefore, it is largely responsible for the company's budget. It can increase profits, but also decrease them. This means that it has its value, which, contrary to appearances, is not so easy to determine. Depending on what factors will be taken into account, the price of the website changes. So what is the valuation of websites and how to do it most effectively and most adequately to the quality, content and benefits associated with it?

A website is worth as much as the customer is willing to pay for it - it follows that one website may have a different value depending on the potential buyer. What is the most important parameter for one person may be of secondary importance to the other or not at all. The site is difficult to value, which is admitted by the specialists themselves. Their owners also have a hard time determining value based on the factors that are their highest priority. Website appraisal is often compared to car or real estate appraisal. There, too, several factors are taken into account, but usually they are the same for each case. When it comes to websites, it can be different - i.e. some use specialized analysis tools for this, while others are guided, for example, by the history of the site or traffic on it. Which method is the most advantageous?

Website valuation and specialized analysis tools

Most often, when valuing websites, tools designed for their analysis are used. This is the easiest, generally available method. Everyone can use, for example, free services that provide information on the value of a given website in a few minutes. First of all, the age of the website, the number of indexed subpages and the number of visits to the website are taken into account. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the following tools:

  • - the website address indicates, first of all, that we can check the speed of the internet on it. There is also the "Website valuation" tab, where after entering the address in the "Website address for valuation" field, we get information about its value. In addition, we receive access to data such as users of our website, page rank and incoming links.

  • - website valuation is carried out in a similar way as with the previous tool. Just enter the website address to receive data about the website and its content.

  • - enter the domain address in the "Enter website URL" field so that the tool will evaluate it at the appropriate amount.

As you can see, all the tools work in a similar way. You do not need to have specialized knowledge on this subject - just enter the website address, wait a few seconds and it's ready.

Costs of creating the website, its history and website traffic

There are a number of other techniques that are designed to determine the value of a website. You can take into account the costs of creating a website, i.e. try to estimate how much cash you would have to have to run a similar website with the same function and usability. In this case, being guided by the costs that have been incurred in the past by the website owner is a major limitation. It must be borne in mind that the technique is constantly changing, a number of new possibilities appear, and thus there is a reduction in the price associated with the use of specific tools. This can be compared to the price of cell phones. The new model, which is just appearing on the market, costs, for example, PLN 1,000. In a year, its price may drop even by half, although its functions and benefits do not change.

Website valuation can also be carried out based on the website history, i.e. how it functioned in the past. It is not always true that the longer the story, the higher the price. The websites that once existed under our domain did not necessarily have to enjoy a good reputation among users, which in this case directly affects their value. It may turn out that due to this factor, our website will be priced at a very low price, which is not adequate to its current situation and capabilities.

Conversion, i.e. website traffic, is also important. The number of users visiting our website can also be the benchmark that will allow us to evaluate the site. But will it be 100% objective? The traffic generated on the website does not always result from the great interest of Internet users. It happens that the name of the website includes a word related to a given industry popular in search engines. Due to the large number of sites, it may turn out that there is a domain similar to ours. A misspelling of the page name means that the user comes to us by accident.

Website appraisal by an expert and the use of multiple evaluation criteria

Self-evaluation of websites is very often subjective and in fact is not adequate to reality. We try to either inflate or lower the price. When only one factor is taken into account, the value obtained will not be a reflection of what the page is really worth. Free tools have their own mechanisms with which we do not have to agree at all. The costs of creating a website in most cases do not coincide with the modern reality, and we do not always have a direct impact on the website's past. The opinion of an expert may therefore turn out to be crucial - his experience and knowledge will help us in the correct valuation. It takes into account not one, but several factors, thus creating a comprehensive image of the website.

Websites worth millions

There are some websites that have been priced at very large amounts. They have earned this success through the sometimes long years of difficult work of many specialists. We know them and use them every day.

  1. - 19 070 846 905 PLN
  2. - 15 961 101 149 PLN
  3. - 15 583 667 417 PLN
  4. - PLN 5,048,184,589
  5. - PLN 4 253 849 853
  6. - PLN 3 730 684 221
  7. - PLN 2 657 919 961
  8. - PLN 1,678,953,165
  9. - PLN 1,398,030,655
  10. - PLN 1,160,889,021

The data on the value of the pages presented above come from the website.

Is it worth obtaining such information? Without a doubt, yes, especially when we are interested in a particular page or when we want to find out how much the value of our site is. In this way, we can check how much it is developing and how its position changes over the months and years.