Google AdSense - is it worth using?

Service Business

Selling ad space on your website is one of the most common forms of traffic monetization. It does not require site owners to actively sell goods or services, and there is no need to have your own storage space or spend time packing, shipping or servicing products. What should you know about this form of advertising? Is it worth using Google AdSense?

When should you use Google AdSense?

The basic requirement is to have a website that complies with the Google AdSense terms and conditions. This one changes from time to time, so it's worth not only to track it before placing ads, but also in the case of later changes.

However, compliance with the regulations is not everything. In addition, it is also necessary that the traffic on the website has a sufficiently large scale.This is important because Google AdSense revenue is based on the number of clicks. And since the click-through rate on ads is often around one percent, the economies of scale become very important. The more so as the viewership of advertisements will almost always be significantly lower than the viewership of the website. Why? Since the popularity of ad blocking scripts (AdBlock, uBlock, etc.) has been growing steadily for years, also in variants intended for mobile devices. Here, it is worth paying attention to the fact that Poland is at the forefront of Europe in terms of the percentage of users blocking advertisements, second only to the Greeks in this respect.

However, we also have good news. If you have several different pages, you can link them to the same Google AdSense account and add up the revenue from them.

Google AdSense - for companies or individuals

For many people, it may be important to know that Google AdSense is an advertising program that can be used not only as a business, but also as an individual. From the point of view of Google itself and the companies that advertise on the AdSense platform, this situation is very favorable, as it significantly increases the network's reach. In turn, for private website owners it gives a chance to obtain a source of income from the website - perhaps not as good as a few years ago, but it is always about some funds.

Tax on income from Google AdSense

Due to the fact that Google is a foreign entity, many people are wondering how to account for Google AdSense advertising revenues. In this matter, it is best not to use online advice, but to ask directly at the tax office where tax returns are submitted - preferably by describing the method of the program as precisely as possible.

Is it worth placing AdSense ads on e-commerce sites?

Some companies use this tactic to get an extra source of income, but it's not necessarily a good tactic. It is worth remembering that any clicks on AdSense are the user's exit from the website. Moreover, competition may promote in these ads. Theoretically, you can always use the AdSense panel, in which there is an option to include ads for specific domains (there is a quantitative limitation), but in practice, a competitor always has the option of creating satellite microsites in place of the blocked ones.