What questions to ask at an interview?

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Many of us already have the first job interview in our lives and know how it unfolds. The first step is to present and answer the recruiter's questions. Without a doubt, this is the most stressful part of the conversation - but it will not be the last.After the answer phase, it is time for questions from the job applicant. What is worth asking? Let's check it out!

Job interview - what questions to ask?

What questions a candidate will ask a recruiter depends on many factors. The most important information is the information obtained during the first stage, which is usually the recruiter's questions to the job applicant. If they are of value to the interested party, then there may be fewer of these questions.

The candidate should not be embarrassed by the questions asked and, most importantly, should ask about issues that are important to him. For each of the contenders, a different issue will be important, but before starting work in a given company, it is certainly worth knowing:

  • Does the company care about the professional development of employees? Does it organize trainings, courses improving the qualifications of the staff?
  • What are the relationships in the team in which we will work?
  • How high will the remuneration be for a given position and does the company grant non-salary benefits?
  • Does the company's work system include overtime?
  • Is the position associated with business trips (if so - how often?)?
  • Does the company have specific dress code rules?

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Job interview - what questions not to ask?

In addition to the list of questions worth asking, there is also one that sets out questions to be avoided during an interview:

  • What does the company do?
  • Will I be able to go on vacation?
  • How fast can I be promoted?

The above lists are not closed collections. There are quite a few questions that, by asking, we can evoke both positive and negative feelings in the recruiter's eyes. Therefore, we should be well prepared for each interview.