The lack of an electronic signature does not preclude sending the VAT-7 electronically


Good information for entrepreneurs who value time and convenience in their business - from October 2012, VAT-7 declarations can be sent to the tax office via the Internet without the need for an electronic signature!

Every entrepreneur who is an active VAT taxpayer should submit a VAT-7 declaration (or VAT-7K for quarterly settlements) every month (or quarterly), regardless of the value of taxable activities. Now he does not have to go to the office in person - neither the tax office nor the post office. All you need is Internet access and the following data:

  • PESEL,
  • NIP (tax identification number),
  • first name and last name,
  • date of birth,
  • the amount of income shown in the annual tax return, the tax calculation for the tax year two years earlier than the year in which the declarations are submitted, which secure the authenticity of the submitted declaration.

Previously, it was also possible to send an e-declaration, but then the entrepreneur had to purchase an e-signature kit, the cost of which is PLN 200-300. As you can see, this solution saves not only time but also money. Now the electronic signature is replaced by the previously mentioned data.

What to do to send VAT-7 via the Internet? Go to the e-Deklaracje website, select the appropriate form and follow the instructions on the website.

Without the use of an electronic signature verified with a valid qualified certificate, we can submit declarations online:

  • VAT-7, VAT-7K, VAT-7D,
  • PCC-3,
  • annual tax returns.

As you can see, doing your own accounting is getting easier!