What is the risk of self-promotion of the company?

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Setting up a company and offering very good products or services does not mean success. For many entrepreneurs, promoting a business on their own means losses instead of profits. What mistakes can be made? What to Avoid We check how promoting a company on your own can harm your business.

Self-promotion of the company and the lack of visibility on the Internet

Creating a website does not mean that users will find it in a maze of other websites. Entrepreneurs who do not have experience in building websites often do not know that they still need to be well optimized, and the content (e.g. product or service descriptions) must be unique. Moreover, in order for the website to be displayed high in the results after the user enters a query in the search engine, it is necessary to place a sitemap and take care of its mobile version (every third user browses the web on mobile devices).

Visibility on the Internet is ensured not only by the website, but also by social media or Google Ads advertising. Incomplete account management, for example on Facebook or incorrect selection of keywords in the Google Ads campaign, may result in time and financial expenses not translating into higher sales or increased interest in services. This is one of the main reasons why specialists should entrust the promotion of a company online.

For local businesses, it will be a mistake not to use Google My Business. If you don't have a listing, your business won't appear in local search results.

No regular customers or clients on recommendation

Every company strives to have regular customers. Even the best products or services performed at a high level do not have to convince consumers to systematically use the entrepreneur's offer, if he does not remind himself of himself. Self-promotion of the company may end up in the fact that the company will not be able to boast of a growing base of regular customers over time.

The key to making customers return to shopping, e.g. to an online store, is periodic attention to the available assortment. For this purpose, companies use newsletters and communication with users of social media. It is equally important to run a corporate blog from which customers can learn. Interesting, substantive entries ensure that users will visit the blog from time to time to read new articles.

To gain customers on recommendation, you can use, among others prizes or discounts for people who will recommend products. When the brand's ambassadors are "ordinary" users, the brand gains credibility.

Incorrect communication with customers

The customer does not have to be satisfied with the product received, he can also raise objections as to the time of delivery. Complaints are not always sent to the e-mail address provided on the website - sometimes customers publish their opinions on the Internet, e.g. in social media. The company's reaction is of great importance to how it will be perceived by users. Each word must be weighed when answering. Start a free 30-day trial period with no strings attached!

On the Internet, it is very easy to find examples of companies that relied on contact with dissatisfied customers. Why? Because instead of accepting the criticism and offering the client, for example, a discount, they got into a discussion, thus aggravating the situation. Promoting a business on your own and disregarding critical remarks can end up in a PR disaster.

An external PR company will not approach customer entries in an emotional but professional manner. The company can only benefit from such action.

Inconsistent message and lack of credibility

When setting up a business, the entrepreneur must choose a name and prepare a coherent visual communication. Whether the graphic form, the typeface of the letters or even the colors - all this matters if the brand will be remembered by consumers. If so, the company has a chance to win regular customers, especially when it is associated with good products or services at the highest level.

How to stand out on the market? This task is not easy at all. An entrepreneur deciding to promote the company on their own may make mistakes already at the logo design stage. If it is copied from the competition or contrasts with the company's image, customers may have reasonable doubts as to the quality of the products or services offered.

Designing logos, business cards or other advertising materials should be entrusted to specialists. It's a way to create a strong and memorable brand.