What is Free Shipping Day?

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Free Delivery Day is an action aimed at encouraging the largest possible group of Polish internet users to do shopping online. The action has been organized since 2009 as the equivalent of the American Free Shipping Day.

Free Shipping Day - how does it work?

During the Free Delivery Day, online stores participating in the campaign offer free delivery of their purchases to all their customers, regardless of the value of the order or the method of its proof. Free delivery is to encourage people who have not made online purchases so far, as well as existing customers, to regular errands. The risk of a failed transaction is kept to a minimum, as each of the stores participating in the campaign is verified by the organizer. The list of stores, which is constantly updated, can be found on the official website of the action. Since Free Shipping Day always falls on the beginning of December, it is the perfect way for easy and cheap Christmas shopping.

Free Shipping Day is a profit for e-shops

Every year more and more online stores join the Free Shipping Day campaign, currently the number reaches over 2500. According to the organizer's data, eKomercyjnie.pl, during the last edition (December 2, 2013), over 3 million potential customers came from the official website of the campaign. to stores that recorded increased traffic that day. It was a great opportunity for stores to attract new customers as well as to promote their brand. In addition to online stores, the action was also attended by companies dealing with e-commerce and Internet marketing, which in fact connected the intensively developing e-commerce industry in Poland. As digitization progresses, more and more products will be purchased online, and events such as the Free Delivery Day will enable online stores to gain customer loyalty, strengthen their brand on the e-commerce market and accelerate internal development.