What is FSC? Find out if you are interested in forest conservation

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The awareness of entrepreneurs in the field of pursuing an environmentally friendly company policy is growing. Unfortunately, this does not mean that all companies, and even private individuals, operate without harm to nature. They often forget about the role of forests in human life, guided solely by material considerations and commit illegal logging.

The value of wood

Wood has always been a raw material in great demand. It is used for the production of furniture or stationery. The demand for them is huge, and hence, uncontrolled clipping often occurs. A wise policy is needed to maintain existing forest areas - as much wood as possible to grow back from forests should be harvested.

FSC - protects forests

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization, founded in 1993, the aim of which is to act for the sustainable development of forests and to take into account environmental, social and economic issues during their exploitation. According to the guidelines adopted

by FSC, forests must, as far as possible, be preserved in their natural state, that is, as mixed forests in which both young and old trees grow and dead trees are found, providing a place to live for animals. And of course, you can cut as many trees as you can naturally grow back.

Certificates issued by FSC

FSC grants two certificates:

  1. FSC FM Forest Management Certificate intended for forest managers and owners. The certificate confirms that the forests are managed in accordance with the required standards, out of concern for the natural environment.

  2. The FSC Coc Chain of Custody Certificate is intended for entrepreneurs in the paper and wood industries, traders, printing houses and publishing houses. In order to use this certificate, they must obtain FSC-certified wood or paper products for the needs of their production or trade.