What is the difference between a content marketer and a copywriter

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As many people understand, a content marketer does the same thing as a copywriter. These concepts are very often confused with each other or treated as synonyms. In reality, however, content marketer and copywriter are two different professions within internet marketing.

Looking at the information available on the internet, it can be concluded that they both act to the same extent, using the same means, and do the same job. It is worth taking a closer look at what is the difference between these two specialists.

Content marketer

Content marketing is an activity aimed at attracting as many recipients as possible with the help of attractive and useful content. It assumes reaching a predetermined target group and building a long-term relationship with its representatives by engaging them in various types of actions and interactions.

Content marketing is considered to be one of the best ways to advertise on the internet. It is extremely effective because it provides answers to questions and doubts that bother Internet users.

Translating the above definition into specific skills, it can be stated that the basis of a content marketer's activity is primarily collecting data about the target group and creating and describing an ideal representative of such a community. This means that such a person provides the appropriate information to conduct proper communication.

A content marketer should have skills that a good copywriter could also boast of - knowledge of what type of text will reach the recipient and the ability to modify it in such a way that it is more readable. Content marketers should also be able to adequately assess the effects of their campaigns and take other measures if the previous measures did not fulfill their function. He must also be able to deal with the appropriate distribution and advertising of the content transmitted.

Due to the fact that content marketing consists of elements such as texts, iconography or images and videos, the content marketer must have knowledge of their appropriate use and managing a team of people involved in the project.


The above term is understood as writing advertising texts to convince a potential buyer to purchase a given product or service. It is the most direct form of advertising.

The goal of copywriting is to create a text that will reach the recipient and encourage him to do what is contained in the content of the article. Copywriting is very often used in sales. The texts sometimes contain content that is intended to influence the potential buyer so that he acts impulsively and under the influence of emotions.

Copywriting is one of the elements of a good content marketing campaign. By using this type of action, it may turn out that the text that seems to be correctly written, however, does not bring the intended results, because it does not contain well-thought-out exhortations to perform an action. With proper use of copywriting, such an article can become more attractive to the recipient, which will result in interaction and start building a long-term relationship.

The above means that a copywriter should first of all understand what the potential client will want to read, and remember that the text he is going to write must be understandable to the reader. Therefore, the copywriter should use the appropriate language, solve the problem and persuade to the action assumed during the advertising campaign.

When writing text for advertising purposes, it is very important to use keywords, i.e. phrases, used in the process of searching for information through any type of search engine. Keywords are helpful in creating marketing content, because they allow a potential reader to find the article easier while looking for a solution to their problem. Of course, the copywriter's task is to use keywords in such a way that their presence is not too blatant for the recipient.