DataSift: an innovative search engine to compete with Google?

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Which internet search engine is the best? The vast majority of respondents would mention Google without hesitation. It is hardly surprising, since it is not only the most popular, but also constantly developed with additional functions. Both Google, Yahoo and other less popular products are characterized by the fact that they search for everything related to the phrase we are interested in. Consequently, before we can find interesting content, we first need to browse through a few pages that have been best positioned for the selected keywords. What if people were responsible for the precise search for the content we are interested in, and not algorithms? The solution seems to be DataSift, the position of which is slowly increasing in the awareness of Internet users.

DataSift - an intelligent search engine made by people

DataSift is a unique internet search engine which, unlike Google or Yahoo, is based solely on the knowledge of other users, and not on phrases entered by us. Let's imagine a situation that we want to search for a foreign trip that will determine the best access to a specific place from a hotel, and at the same time the room we are interested in will guarantee a certain standard - in the case of Google, entering certain phrases requires entering certain phrases at least several times.

How does DataSift work?

Created by Aditya Parameswaran from the University of Illinois, the DataSift search engine - unlike competing solutions - does not search for the phrases we enter, but directly asks other people for help. It should be emphasized that the process takes a little more than a few seconds when the "search" button is pressed. However, it has the advantage that in response we can receive a detailed explanation of our problem, as well as a photo or video that will help us find a solution more efficiently.

DataSift a competition for Google?

The project is only in the early stages of development and it will be difficult for him to spread his wings right away. Competitors in the form of Google and Yahoo already have an established position in the market, which will be hard to threaten.

It should also be noted that the greatest advantage of this innovative search engine may also be its greatest disadvantage in many aspects. Because people can be wrong and not always the answer will be satisfactory for us.

However, the tests carried out by Parameswaran show that with the involvement of other users, this type of information search has a future. What is important in the case of this project is the prior verification of the Internet users' responses, thanks to which we do not have to worry that we will get worthless help - the results of the inquiry go to the next people who should finally provide a satisfactory answer.