Women's purchasing decisions - are they influenced by someone else?

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The influencer marketing platform conducted a study on a group of 20,000 women aged 18-49. Its purpose was to check for what reasons and how women observe the activities and social profiles of influencers. Find out what social media are most often used by women to observe famous and liked and why influencers influence their purchasing decisions.

Instagram and Facebook at the forefront of influencer observation platforms

Instagram is the platform most often chosen by women to track influencer activities (61%), followed by Facebook with a result of 52%. It is worth paying attention to the exceptionally low score of Snapchat in the list of platforms used to observe influencers - only 10% of the surveyed users declared the use of this channel.

Many women (88% of respondents) also replied that they follow influencers on at least two channels - with the greatest involvement in sponsored content on Facebook (57%) and Instagram (48%).

Reasons why women follow influencers

Why is it influencers that can have a significant impact on women's purchasing decisions? Among the main reasons for observing the channels of influential people, as many as 64% of the surveyed users indicated that influencers picked up niche topics that are difficult to find in traditional media. Almost the same number of women (62%) cited inspiring posts as the second reason for observing influencers, which could be implemented by most of them, while for 60%, beautiful photos are what convinces them to follow famous and influencers.

Do influencers influence women's purchasing decisions?

According to the Bloglovin report, they do, or at least to a large extent. More than half of the users (54%) replied that they decided to buy a product or service based on a recommendation from an influencer. Additionally, 45% of women said they were adding their brand name to what they watched after reading the sponsored post on their profile. Recommendations are important for women, which is why brands cooperating with influencers can gain users' trust and indirectly influence their purchasing decisions.

Influencer marketing - a trend or an effective method of promotion?

Influencer marketing is an increasingly popular way to promote the company's services or products. Its main advantage is the high involvement of users and the trust of followers of a given influencer. This affects the authenticity of the products advertised by him and the purchasing decisions of many consumers.