Video Marketing - Why Is It So Important?

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What attracts the attention of the audience more: text, graphics or video? The statistics are unanimous and show that it is the image and the film that dominate the text. This is due to many factors, mainly the development of society, which requires more and more from high technology. Until a few years ago, the Internet was only a form of entertainment based on simple games and a work tool used to create documents. Today its potential is so huge that virtually everyone is able to find what they are looking for in it. Internet advertising is a river topic, so let's deal with only one of its elements, which is video marketing.

In such a message, you can include almost any information. These can be long videos, rich in content and specialist knowledge, or a short advertising spot presenting the company's offer or its activities. Video marketing has great potential, and how you use it depends only on you.

Why video marketing and not text?

At the beginning, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of our target group. Maybe these are young people who spend their days online, are adventurous and are always in a hurry? To interest them and inspire confidence, you need to be creative and original. The movie will be a good solution here. We will surprise and inspire.

It is worth betting on funny elements and a youthful language. If, on the other hand, we direct our offer to mature and educated people, the text will be an effective form of communication, but a well-edited and thought-out film can also prove to be a marketing activity.

By choosing actions referred to as video marketing, we enter the path full of benefits related to the effective building of relationships with our clients and our own image.

  • Fragmented advertising - Internet users often watch movies out of curiosity. Sometimes they do not even know what they refer to, and only while watching them do they find out about the purpose of the message. Be smart and use tactics that will help increase traffic to your website. Have you ever come across billboards placed by the road and placed every few kilometers? Their content relates to each other, telling a story. An advertising spot can be constructed in a similar way. Split the ad and create a short series for your audience, and such video marketing will surprise you with its effectiveness.
  • A large dose of entertainment - video will help you present yourself from a completely different angle. Remember that your customers don't know you personally, sometimes they don't even know what you look like. Through the film, you can show them yourself in a fun way. You will shed the image of a businessman and provide entertainment to your audience.
  • A man as the foundation of trust - people appearing in online videos inspire much more trust than hundreds of words that make up a text written on a website. The customer needs certainty and security. If you show him through video marketing that you are able to give it to him, you have a good chance of attracting a wide range of customers.
  • Short time, more content - the society now values ​​the convenience and speed of assimilating information. Most of the Internet users do not like too long messages, boring them after a few lines. Within 30 seconds, a film is able to convey the same content as a three-page text. This shows how much time he can save the recipient and thus convey all the information that we want to convey to him.
  • Difficult content, easy communication - the vocabulary used in some industries is difficult and professional, so in some cases it is better to use an image than a word. It is easier to illustrate the mower's manual than describe it. Showing the practical use of certain devices will be remembered by Internet users for a longer time.
  • Video e-mail - how many e-mails with offers end up in the trash in recipients' mailboxes per day? There are thousands of them, but have you wondered what the reason is? The e-mails are not interesting, monotonous, boring and cannot convey the intended content in an appropriate way. By placing a video in your message, you can count on increased interest from your subscriber. You will stand out, you will surprise with something innovative and unusual.

Video marketing and its forms, or how to win the hearts of customers

  • Instructors and guides - videos may contain the above-mentioned instructions for using the products or advice on how to use them effectively and correctly. What is difficult to describe may be easy to show. However, we don't have to focus only on products from our store. It is worth showing other interesting areas of our industry and thus making the recipient interested in the subject. A fashion designer can tell you about the latest trends, and the owner of a travel agency can present useful tips for trips to, for example, Greece.
  • Video blog - Many businesses run a corporate blog. It is a very good channel of communication with the client, a source of knowledge about him and an excellent advertisement for the brand. To prevent the site from looking like the thousands of others, you can bet on posts in the form of videos. Such video marketing works great in the culinary, travel and sports industries.
  • Moving comic - a good idea for video marketing is also an advertisement in the form of an interesting animation or a company's history, presented as a comic. This way of presenting content works great when the recipients are children. Moving picture, action and the richness of colors can attract a toddler. In this way, it is also possible to present content that is difficult to convey or to familiarize yourself with the operation of devices that are difficult to use.
  • Online lecture - commonly known in marketing as a webinar. These can be workshops, lectures or live training conducted over the Internet. It is a fantastic way to attract recipients, provide them with knowledge about your business or conduct educational activities. They don't have to leave home to learn something interesting. A webinar can be enriched with chat conversations and thus establish direct contact with the client.
  • Opinions and testimonials - before purchasing a specific product, a customer usually asks users who have already tested the product for information. This is what the references and opinions issued by consumers are for. You can go a step further and create a video review. In one video, you can include all the most important information about the product that your customers have given you. It is also important that they are portrayed by a real person, which inspires confidence.

Video Marketing and SEO

What do video marketing and website positioning have in common? Why is it so important to introduce videos into your advertising campaign? The popularity of videos on the web is constantly growing, which is used by entrepreneurs in their advertising and marketing strategies. Pages where videos are presented have a good chance of a high position in search engines. They can be published both on the home page and in the BLOG tab. However, it is important that videos appear on your website regularly, you cannot limit yourself to one spot. You have to be a credible user and thus convince Google of your professionalism. If we want to be successful, you need to optimize the video well, just like in the case of advertising text.

There is no doubt that video marketing is replacing traditional text and advertising. They are gaining more and more popularity and a growing group of supporters. Internet users quickly get bored with new products. Something appears on the market, takes 5 minutes, and loses value. Video films give you the opportunity to constantly surprise and create an advertisement that is original and unique each time. With a large room for maneuver and an unlimited number of tools, video marketing was, is and will be trendy. Ideas that arise in your head, you just need to externalize and record.