A good headline for the company

Service Business

A good headline of the company is one of the most important and, at the same time, basic elements building the image of the entire company. Its content should primarily define the company's identity and result from its mission and strategy. These are important and worth emphasizing guidelines, as the main function of a slogan is to permanently bind a specific set of values ​​to the company's brand.

However, before we start working on creating an appropriate headline, we should become familiar with two very important concepts.

Among the advertising slogans, the following can be distinguished:

  • company slogan / headline corporate;
  • advertising slogan / headline.

The above terms should never be used interchangeably.

A company slogan is a short linguistic message that for the company is like the motto, motto or philosophy of the company. Headline allows consumers to distinguish a company from others, building a competitive advantage. This short message is an element of verbal identification, influencing the building of the image. Advertising slogans are mainly used for products and conducted marketing and sales campaigns. They are often modified and changed. They are created mainly to draw the consumer's attention to the company's product, not the company itself. The advertising headline must be tailored to the needs of the target groups, take into account the specificity of the competition and plans for the future of the brand.

A good company headline, as opposed to an advertising slogan, is an investment for longer. Therefore, it is important that it has a strong relationship with the company, and not only with specific products or services that our company provides. A corporate slogan usually goes hand in hand with a logo. In this way, the name, logo and company headline can complement and support each other, presenting a consistent and strong message. The company slogan builds and strengthens the image, it also shows the values ​​professed by the company. In a few words, it specifies the approach and defines the company's image. Headline supports the entire offer of the company, all its brands, services and culture. A well-developed corporate slogan later becomes a trademark, which for consumers becomes a synonym for a logo, e.g. nike - just do it!

Designing a company slogan

Headline has a very short form. Due to the presence with the logo and the need to reach the widest possible audience, the company slogan must be simple, brilliant, easy to pronounce and remember. When designing a corporate headline, we can rely on the presentation of the offer or the technology used. We can also focus on conveying the core values ​​of the organization or relating to the company's history. The subject of the slogan may be communication in the field of corporate social responsibility, i.e. CSR.

A slogan as a presentation of the uniqueness of the offer and customer group

The structure of such a headline responds to the answers to the question: What do we do, how do we operate and who are we for?

It is an approach mainly related to the presentation of the product, technology, market and customers. In this case, we focus on increasing the company's association with its products, the benefits of using them, the target group and a specific method of operation. However, this approach does not always work, especially in the case of enterprises that provide services and are not producers of specific products.

AUDI - advantage thanks to technology

The slogan as the vision and principles of the company's operation

In this case, the construction of the slogan is based on the answer to the question: What principles guide us?

This type of slogan is mainly used by companies operating in highly competitive markets where comparison of offers is the basis of the consumer's choice. The discussed design formula refers to the general principles followed by the company. In fact, this type of corporate slogan does not change too quickly, it also does not limit the development of the company and builds the image in a wider context. Choosing this type of corporate headlin design carries a certain risk. A company with such a slogan may be perceived differently from its commonly known business. Too abstract approach risks a departure from the real and basic offer of the company.

CitiBank - Citi never sleeps

Slogan as collective social responsibility

The company's headline in this model answers the question: What do we take responsibility for?

In most cases, this approach is used by companies operating globally, often associated with socially important areas of life, such as ecology. A slogan constructed in this way is mainly the domain of companies addressing a very wide target group. The direct benefit of choosing such a solution is a positive presentation by referring to commonly recognized values. The consequence of pro-social provisions is the need to support the declarations contained in the slogan with the actual actions of the company. What we communicate through the slogan must translate into actions.

Disneyland - The happiest place on Earth

The slogan as a tradition of the company

The last approach is to answer the question: What are we proud of, what makes up our tradition?

This headline is most often used by companies with a long tradition and operating on the market of premium and luxury goods. The basis of such constructing a slogan is the use of the company's reputation and good name. The basis is trust in the knowledge and experience of the company. To be able to use such a concept, it is necessary to have a long tradition and an interesting history of the company's establishment.