A good positioner - who is it and how to recognize it?

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Does quality always go hand in hand with a high price? Is it worth believing in favorable low prices and trusting those positioners who offer their services for little money? What is the truth about contemporary SEO companies and does the large selection that we currently have on the market in this industry indicate the demand for positioning services or the interest in this field? It is said that cheap is not good and we have to pay a high price to be sure of the quality of the product. This relationship can also be noticed in the SEO industry. However, it is good to know that the positioner can be different and it is worth learning to distinguish an honest, valued, good positioner from a money-hungry amateur.

Objectively evaluate your business

Each website is different, so the degree of website positioning is very different. It may turn out that you don't have to invest in the best SEO company on the market, as most SEO companies can handle this task. It is not difficult to overpay, it is much more difficult to skillfully assess your capabilities and, what is more, to look at your company from the side.

If you operate in an industry where the competition is very strong, website optimization is of great importance and in this case you need to find a specialist who will be distinguished by skills, cleverness and good knowledge of the market. Not every positioner can cope with such a challenge. In the event that you operate in a niche and have set yourself the goal of entering the domestic market, this task is much easier. You will not need a person who will make your small e-shop defeat thousands of other well-known and respected companies, as well as smaller ones that start their adventure in trading just like you.

Strong competition also means a number of obstacles on the way to the top of the search engines. Here, it is not enough to select simple keywords and place a few texts on the page. You have to fight real titans who are fighting a battle for the top positions in Google. A good SEO positioner may prove to be the only reasonable solution.

Do research and consult with colleagues

The company always advertises well and only presents its advantages and the benefits of its services. It is a natural thing, because no one will brag about their lack of knowledge or insufficient competences, so do not believe everything that the SEO positioner writes on your website. If you are at least partially familiar with positioning, you can check the potential service provider yourself. The problem arises when you have no idea about it, because then you can easily fall prey to the incompetent amateur. So what to do? A step that cannot be omitted in any way - read the opinions about the company. You will definitely find a lot of interesting information on the internet.

Forums and social media are definitely a good source. Pay particular attention to how the cooperation with a given company is going: does it provide ongoing information about progress, propose its solutions, is open to contact with its client and when it performs its duties. Before you decide and pay, make sure that nothing escapes your attention.

The partnership dialogue is proof of the high skills of the positioner

The SEO industry is a very specific part of the marketing market. In fact, working in this profession (because you can already talk about such a profession) is a constant race with changes to the Google algorithm. There are positioners who are better at it and some who take longer to adapt to a new way of thinking. Of course, there are also unreliable people on the market, whose incompetence is even glaring. Due to the fact that today's SEO activities will only become visible in some time (e.g. 2-3 months), numerous abuses may take place. How to avoid unreliable or incompetent contractors?

It is important at the very beginning of cooperation to pay attention to whether the company is open to talking to the client. She should not only listen, but also offer her suggestions herself and be honest about the current market situation, what she can propose to us and what opportunities she has to improve the position of our website.

Cooperation with an SEO specialist is based on a conversation. He must know the specifics of your company very well, be aware of the competition on the market and listen to your expectations. You cannot be passive either. Show that you know what you want, you have a set goal you want to achieve and you need someone to help you. You don't need to be familiar with positioning methods, strategies and SEO tools, but you should clearly define your intentions.

Surprisingly low SEO price? Be careful!

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that you will not be able to find a company that offers services at lower prices than the competition and is really good at it, but there is a limit you need to know.

Before choosing a positioner, check what prices for these services dominate the market. As in any industry, they will certainly fluctuate in this industry as well, but you need to know around what amount. Surely the red lamp should light up when, after reading a few offers, you find one whose price list will be almost like your dream.

However, it should be remembered that many such companies and positioners use spamming methods. This means that linking the website is done with the help of special programs, and the links that go to the website are not related to it thematically. If Google notices this way of positioning, it may mean for us, instead of being promoted to higher positions, a decline in searches. The seemingly favorable price of a positioning company may mean more expenses for us than we expected.

A good positioner, or what?

  • It can boast a group of regular customers with whom it has been cooperating for a long time. The positioner focuses on long-term cooperation rather than one-off orders.

  • A good positioner Keeps you up-to-date with SEO progress and provides regular reports. He performs his work reliably and very carefully.

  • The positioner prefers to spend more time on the task than to do it carelessly, just to be able to say about himself "on time".

  • It clearly presents the methods it will use to position your website. In case of questions, the positioner always answers clearly and understandably. He wants you to know what changes are taking place on your website and what benefits come from it.

  • A reliable positioner does not guarantee your success and first positions in search engines. Rather, it is saying that he will make every effort to improve your position by even one. He openly admits that positioning is a long process and you have to be patient.

  • He always tries to keep in touch with the client. He does not avoid talking and does not stay silent for several days while you are trying to contact him.

  • The positioner has a good reputation among customers who can recommend it to others with full responsibility.