A good employee - how to keep him in the company?

Service Business

If you run your own business, you know how difficult it is to manage people. Having good specialists is not only a profit, but also, and perhaps above all, a challenge. Retaining a good employee is not easy, and the cost of his departure turns out to be considerable. What costs may the company incur if a good employee leaves it? How not to lose it? What mistakes to avoid to make him want to stay?

The cost of the specialist's departure

At first glance, the cost of losing a good employee seems negligible. However, on closer examination, it turns out that it may be equal to his annual salary. Such expenses include the employment of a recruitment agency, placing advertisements in the press and on the Internet, and the working hours of the recruiting specialist.

In addition to material losses, there can also be psychosocial losses. When a key employee leaves, the productivity of the entire team drops and this can affect the finances of the entire business.

Why does a good employee leave?

There are several mistakes made by company bosses who usually think that they manage their personnel budget in an exemplary manner. Here are a few of them:

  • imposing too many tasks on one employee. It often happens that if the boss sees potential in an employee, he assigns more and more tasks to him. Such a system may even demotivate an employee who thinks that his efforts do not make sense, since the more he tries, the more responsibilities he gets;

  • Sometimes the boss assumes that a good employee does not need praise because he knows how valuable his work is. However, even the best specialist needs someone to appreciate his effort put into the success of the entire company;

  • one of the most common reasons a good employee quits is because of a bad atmosphere. If an employee feels like a cog in a machine, the boss treats people poorly and puts them on him, then this is a more common cause of dismissal than low wages;

  • lack of space. A good boss supports his employee's passions because he knows that they develop him, which has a positive effect on his work. It happens, however, that employers accuse their subordinates of a lack of interest in working beyond hours. This can lead to employee fatigue with the subject and, as a result, leave;

  • one of the worst situations at work is the lack of prospects. For an employee to be productive, they must have the opportunity to constantly develop and expand their knowledge. In this way, he raises his qualifications and avoids boredom of doing the same activities every day.

What to do to prevent a good employee from leaving the company?

In order to keep a good employee in the company, we must give him opportunities for continuous development and self-fulfillment. When hiring, we must remember that even a regular employee can become an expert in their field thanks to trainings and conferences. From the very beginning, he must know that he has real opportunities for promotion, then he will be more involved in training and the tasks entrusted to him.

An important element of the employee strategy is also ensuring not only good relations between employees, but also between the employee and the boss. It is worth introducing a unified system of cooperation rules, based on open communication. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to express their views.