Subsidies for innovations - tips for entrepreneurs

Service Business

For the Polish economy to take a step forward, domestic companies must become more innovative. Nobody will take away the hard-working nature of Poles, and it is also difficult to deny the great creativity in solving problems. Unfortunately, money is needed to develop companies. If not from savings, then maybe from subsidies? Find out more about the opportunities facing your business. Check how to get grants for innovations!

What is innovation

We can consider as an innovation both a new and an existing product (also understood as a process or service). Organizational and promotional methods can be innovative, so the definition is really broad, covering practically all possible industries. The easiest way to get a subsidy is in search of a solution to selected social problems. Facilities for excluded or disabled people are appreciated by both state and EU bodies.

Changes in the law from 2018

From January 2018, the Act amending certain acts in order to improve the legal environment for innovative activity has been in force. You will see it more often under the name of the "large innovation act".

Thanks to the new regulations, innovative activity is easier, inter alia, thanks to changes in taxes, easier obtaining the statute of the R&D Center, i.e. a research and development center, changes within the self-government of patent attorneys, as well as transformations into the activities of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the National Center for Research and Development.

It's not everything. Deductions of up to 100% of eligible costs for non-CBR companies are a new research and development relief. It is worth finding out more about the catalog of deductible expenses or revenues under civil law services related to research and development.

Grants for innovation thanks to EU aid

The European Union supports the pursuit of progress in terms of technologies, products, services and processes. Its funds can be used to obtain aid, inter alia, for the purchase of R&D infrastructure. Many entrepreneurs have already sued the assumptions of operational programs:

  • Eastern Poland,
  • Regional Operational Programs,
  • Intelligent Development.

In the first case, subsidies for innovation are directed to entrepreneurs from the Świętokrzyskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podkarpackie, Lubelskie and Podlaskie voivodships. The second is about supporting not only improvements and new products, but also the development of the very concepts of development. In the third one, it is necessary to focus on the subject of subsidies from each of the 16 marshal offices.

Procedures worth knowing

You should only enter competitions that match the topics of the proposed solutions. It is not worth starting the preparation of a project without a thorough understanding of the regulations and guidelines. The committees evaluate the projects both in terms of formal and content-related aspects. As a result, a ranking is formed, the winners of which receive subsidies on the basis of a special agreement.

Find out what innovation grant competitions are running in your region. Seek advice from experienced experts, use reliable online sources. Look for your chance to support research and development, because it is the best way for your company!