Subsidies for pro-ecological projects

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Ecology - a concept that has been discussed and analyzed many times in recent times. Also in the context of your own company, it is worth taking an interest in pro-ecological activities - also due to the fact that EU funds are intended for the protection of the natural environment.

What are pro-ecological projects? There are all actions taken to improve the living conditions of the population by improving the condition of the natural environment.

Who can benefit from this type of funding? Pro-ecological activities are aimed at companies whose activities may have a negative impact on the natural environment. The funds can be allocated, for example, to water and sewage management, waste management, ecological energy infrastructure. In addition, the company can obtain funding not only to improve the existing condition, but also to counteract the negative effects that could only take place. Therefore, these may be projects aimed at counteracting threats and promoting the development of pro-ecological attitudes.

EU subsidies for environmental protection in Poland are administered by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, together with voivodship funds. The legal basis for their activities is the Environmental Protection Law. Currently, most funds are allocated to the expansion and modernization of the environmental protection infrastructure.

In 2013, the following priority programs were established:

  • municipal waste management:

    • development of systems for municipal waste management,

    • development of selective waste collection,

  • closing and rehabilitation of municipal waste landfills,

  • non-municipal waste management:

    • development of waste management systems other than municipal waste, in particular hazardous waste,

    • removal of asbestos-containing products,

    • international shipments of waste,

  • co-financing of the end-of-life vehicle recycling system:

    • co-financing the dismantling of end-of-life vehicles,

    • co-financing of municipalities in the field of collecting abandoned end-of-life vehicles,

    • co-financing of investment activities in the field of disassembly of end-of-life vehicles and management of waste generated as a result of disassembly of vehicles,

  • reclamation of degraded areas and elimination of sources of particularly negative environmental impact:

    • projects by CIEP - "ecological bombs",

    • reclamation of degraded areas,

  • co-financing of priority axis II of the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program - waste management and protection of the earth surface:

    • supplementing the co-financing of axis II of the I&E OP,

    • co-financing of potential beneficiaries of OP I&E,

    • implemented by provincial funds for environmental protection and water management.