EU subsidies, PUP support and other aid for companies

Service Business

An entrepreneur does not have to look for money for the development of his company only in banks, but can also use the help of the employment office or EU programs. So what do you need to do to get this type of financial support?

Support for poviat labor offices

Co-financing from PUP can be used for setting up your own business, buying office equipment, creating a new job, covering costs related to legal and tax consultancy, or promoting the company on the Internet. It is only required to submit an application for co-financing to the competent employment office, and when it is approved for implementation, you can freely dispose of cash intended for the purchase of things necessary for the company. However, the condition for using this assistance is the need to maintain business activity or an employee for a period of time indicated by the employment office. The company's application form for co-financing can be found on the website of the employment office in the "subsidy" or "company support" tab.

EU subsidies help companies

The sources from which you can get money for the company for free are also points with European Union funds. If the entrepreneur's arguments reach the right people, and if he or she has a well-made business plan or a company's development strategy, he can count on even several dozen thousand support.

All you need to do is apply to the program appropriate to your profile and requirements. Moreover, EU institutions offer all applicants training in efficient company management, as well as advise on tax, financial and legal matters. In short - an entrepreneur can learn how to run a business well. These tips are extremely valuable, especially due to the fact that advice is provided by world-class professionals.

Information on current EU programs can be found on the Internet or in the local news press. There are also many advisory points where you can get detailed information on the programs.

Help from private investors

An entrepreneur with an innovative and interesting business idea may turn to private investors for financial assistance. The procedure for obtaining this type of support is usually complicated - the entrepreneur has to prepare a detailed business plan, go through negotiations, present the idea to a potential investor. If he likes the project, he can spend a lot of money, offering advice, experience and business contacts.

In return for capital - both financial and know-how, the investor will demand a certain percentage of shares in the implemented project.

As you can see - not only banks have money that can be used by entrepreneurs who have an idea for their business. There are many options - you only need to choose the best one for you, carefully analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each option.