Discrimination in job advertisements - how to avoid it?

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Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is common. It is no different in the job advertisement as well. If some of the employer's requirements prevent a certain social group from submitting its candidacy, we can talk about it. Discrimination in job advertisements is the order of the day. How to formulate announcements to avoid it?

When is discrimination in job advertisements explainable?

Of course, apparent discrimination in job advertisements may be justified. In such cases, you cannot blame the advertiser. This is, for example, about searching for extras or models. In this case, certain features of appearance are key.

Example 1.

Ms. Joanna is looking for extras for the series. They are supposed to be people between the ages of 14 and 16, as they will play the role of middle school students. Therefore, a clearly stated age in a job advertisement is not discrimination.

Example 2.
Mr. Mariusz received women's clothes from a well-known brand. He is supposed to photograph them on a model. So in the announcement, he specified the exact size of the clothes this woman was supposed to wear. Therefore, discrimination in job advertisements does not take place.

Hidden discrimination in job advertisements

Discrimination is not always clear. When can it be considered hidden?

The employer cannot ask for a photo to be included in the CV. However, if such a requirement is included in the notice, it means that employees who fail to do so will not be considered. Additionally, it can help the employer determine the age of the candidate.

Another hidden discrimination may be, for example, a photo of a team that consists of young people themselves - this indirectly shows the candidates what age of employees is desired.

It is also possible to speak of hidden discrimination when the advertisement begins with the words: Young, energetic team looking. It is obvious that this makes us understand that young people are more welcome.

Example 3.
Wrong: A young, dynamic team is looking for collaborators!
Good: The X company team is looking for associates!

What to avoid in job advertisements?

So what should we avoid in job advertisements so that we are not accused of discrimination?

  1. Determining the gender of the employee
    Although in the minds of people there is still a division into female and male professions, more and more often these boundaries are blurred. Therefore, the indication of gender in a job advertisement is rightly regarded as discrimination.

    Example 4.
    Wrong: We are looking for a woman for the position of waitress.
    Good: We are looking for a person for the position of: waiter.

  2. Determining the required age
    Age should not determine whether someone can apply for a job. Forks, emphasizing that we are looking for young people is a manifestation of discrimination.

    Example 5.
    Wrong: We are looking for a young person to work in our company!
    Good: We are looking for an employee for the position ...

  3. Addictions
    While smoking is not the healthiest thing, job advertisements should not state that the employee should be non-smoking or non-addictive. After all, he does not have to smoke at work, and whether or not he smokes is his private matter, which does not affect competence.

  4. Disability
    Employers often add that a disability degree declaration is welcome. This is discrimination and is an attempt by the employer to save money.

  5. Student status
    The same is true when one of the requirements is to have student status, even though a lot of work experience is also required.

It is not difficult to discriminate in job advertisements. It is worth paying attention to this, as it affects the company's reputation and may leave a disgust among potential candidates for years.