E-book: Content marketing - basic information


Popularizing a website requires its owner to know both marketing and IT. Not only the page layout and the information it contains are important - it is also important to match the search engine criteria. However, we cannot focus solely on increasing the position of the website in the search engine, as this may adversely affect its attractiveness for users. Read our e-book and find out if there is content marketing!

Content marketing - definition

This English-language name is a marketing strategy of arousing the interest of users and search engine robots with the content of the website. It should be really high-quality content - articles written lightly, without factual or stylistic errors, with a nice font and in the appropriate, eye-free color. Nor should they be purely advertising. Graphic elements cannot tire - graphics and infographics should be legible, clear and aesthetic, and all video elements should be easy to recreate.

Getting a high position in the search engine is not easy, but winning the reader is also not an easy task. In both cases, it is easy to make a mistake - it is enough to post a previously indexed article on the page, too short, uninteresting text, or include inappropriate links in its content. The latter influence, in particular, on the company's position in the Google search list - the company has recently launched a program combating practices aimed only at raising the company's position in search results. That is why effective content marketing is so important.

What can you do in content marketing?

The creator of the website can simply design an interesting, responsive page on which the user will navigate with pleasure and interest. It is primarily him, and not search engine robots, who is the main recipient of the website.

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